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We actively attract and nurture the best Global Talent with our people-centric services.

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Benefits of Our Attract Services

We offer Employer BrandingTalent Acquisition Marketing, and Talent Pool Marketing to bolster your presence in the talent market while building your brand and hiring the best talent. The first point of contact for your new hires will be your brand. We ensure it matches the service, product, and the image you want to portray.


Companies that want to be competitive in today’s market need strong employer branding. It helps build a company’s image to attract and hire the most specialised Talent.


To attract and engage the best workers, we must understand the specific market our clients wish to capture.


Talent recruitment can be a labour-intensive and expensive process. We help you avoid Talent Wastage, reduce costs of hiring and increase Talent engagement and retention.


Bradford Jacobs’ Marketing Services combines all strategies and tools to promote, attract, and position your business in front of top Talent while reducing your hiring costs and increasing your brand image.

We promote the value of working for your company and ensure your online presence attracts the top talents you need for your business to expand.

We optimise campaigns via the most efficient channels to determine which assets resonate with your targets. We ensure your prospective Talent’s values and culture match yours, that their skills fit your current needs and that their location is not a blocker for the market you choose to capture.

Finally, with no talent wastage, we ensure that top-skilled workers you may need in future are added to your pool. They are nurtured and constantly engaged with thanks to tailored segmented communication campaigns.

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