We actively attract and nurture the best Global talent with our people-centric services. We offer Employer Branding, Talent Acquisition Marketing, and Talent Pool Marketing to bolster your presence in the talent market while building your brand. The first point of contact for your new hires will be your brand. We ensure your brand matches the service, product and image you want to portray.


Companies that want to be competitive in today’s market need strong Employer Branding. It not only affects how your company is perceived by employees but also their commitment and loyalty towards you as an organisation, which can make all the difference when competing against other businesses for top talent around the world!
When thinking of buying a pair of sneakers you automatically think Nike or Adidas as their Employer Branding resonates with you. This is not because of great marketing but rather great Employer Branding!

Differentiating yourself from other companies is crucial. This builds a company’s image to specifically attract and hire the most specialized talent. A study found that attrition rates are 28% lower for companies with stronger branding than those without!
So think about how best to represent your company, as one that not only cares about its work-life balance but actually demonstrates and shows it in its marketing and digital platforms.


The days of only using traditional channels to search for employees are over. In this digital age, social media has become one of those few remaining places where you’ll find top talent scrolling on their smartphones or laptops. It’s no surprise that 82% of employers use these platforms as a way to reach out and engage passive candidates!

One great method is by creating sponsored job advertisements through Social Media platforms (or other 3rd party tools) this allows users an easy user journey for application. With 5 billion users worldwide or 57% of the population using social media, it is an opportunity that many companies are missing out on.


Finally, recruitment of Talent can be a labour-intensive and potentially expensive process. Here at Bradford Jacobs, we help you to avoid a common pitfall of Talent Wastage, where the quantity of prospective talent needed to meet your immediate growth strategy is exceeded. We build a Marketing programme into the Talent pool for ongoing engagement to ensure your employer’s brand message is not lost and to safeguard talent for future needs, effectively future-proofing your Global Expansion.

This means that instead of spending time and money sourcing active candidates on job boards or hiring third-party recruiters for every position, all future employees will be found through one campaign.