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When we engage with global talent we don’t just interview and hire on your behalf, we provide a full lifecycle process that delivers.

What is Hiring & Onboarding Candidates?

This experience is not only vital to gain the talent required but also for the motivation of the new hire. The process will be a joint effort between Bradford Jacobs & You. This step should also be an area of constant review and improvement with the voice of the candidate being the driver to how the process evolves.

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Beyond Hiring

Most Talent Acquisition is focused on merely the outcome i.e., those that are hired, this is clearly the primary driver for any recruitment activity, but Successful hiring is all about the balance of Challenge and Attract.

Analysis of recruitment activity and an open, honest dialogue will help the client to understand and improve the recruitment experience for candidates. This will ensure the best talent is secured and motivated to join by experiencing a memorable candidate journey.

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