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Global expansion is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. As a Global PEO company, we can help you with your global expansion and we want to get you as informed as possible.

What is PEO?

A PEO company is a company like Bradford Jacobs that offers Professional Employer Organisation services to expand your business internationally.

We realise that setting up your own entity abroad can be frustrating and risky and therefore, we have already laid out the basics for you to get going.

With our existing global infrastructure, we can easily set up a PEO model and you can be operating in a new market within hours.

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Expand Your Business

What are the benefits
of using a PEO?


By using our existing network of legal entities, you save the expense of having to set up your own legal entity.


Onboard employees in new territories in hours instead of months. Use our local knowledge to hire and manage your international employees at speed.


Leave the legal processes to us and spend your time and budget on growing your business.


Move employees all over the world, and test new markets in days. Bradford Jacobs PEO services give you access to 180+ countries.


Without the support of a PEO, going it alone means shouldering the risks of local laws and administrative issues like Tax.


It is proven that businesses with the support of a PEO see lower turnover rates. Happy employees mean a better business.

How Does a PEO Work and Operate?

As a PEO company, we have always been keen on global expansion and through the years we created an international team of experts across the globe. Our team is well-informed and stays updated about local laws and regulations in over a hundred countries.

When you decide to start your global expansion in a certain country our legal team is in the starting blocks to set this up. We handle the legwork and risks of building up your workforce in new countries while you focus on your company’s success.

At Bradford Jacobs, we do not believe in a one-model-fits-all way of working. Every person and every business is unique and therefore, we want to create the best tailor-made Professional Employer Organization solution together with you as a trusted partner.

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Achieving Your
Global Expansion Goals

What are PEO Services?

Global expansion is an exciting step, and we want you to feel fully in control and at ease during the entire process. We aim to provide you with a solution that fits your international business goals and expectations now and in the future.

As your partner, we want to hear your story. We want to help you achieve your goals and anticipate new development within your company, and also in the world to make your business thrive.

The reduction of international employment risks by taking on your PEO as an Employer of Record (EOR), meaning we are legally responsible for the payment of international employees, their benefits, payment of taxes, and/or pensions as the local law requires.

As our client, you will have access to our international experts with in-depth knowledge of international laws, regulations, and cultural practices at any time.

International payroll does not have to be stressful. We have a devoted team that can take this out of your hands and take full responsibility.

Whether you need visas for employees or relocate the workforce in your home country, we are familiar with all immigration laws and requirements, We can help you build up, reduce or move your workforce to and from the country you prefer.

You can build up your global workforce without having to handle any of the complex global employee and onboarding processes yourself.

How PEO is Right for You

Tax systems and Payroll in a foreign country can be extremely complicated. You might not be familiar with the language or certain rules and regulations in a new country, and it is a time-consuming process to get around these. A Professional Employer Organisation takes full responsibility for this. We have a team of experts in every country that can take care of:

  • Taxes
  • Social Security
  • Pension Payments
  • Monthly Pay
  • Other legal requirements of your employee

HR (Human Resource) is your in-house team or manager that handles employment in your home country. We as a PEO form your international support. Our Talent Acquisition Team can help you with finding the best talent, employing this talent, onboarding, and managing your global employees on a contractual level.

Our Talent Acquisition team is passionate about creating a match between you and new employees. We believe that employees are the foundation of a company and we want to see you conquer new markets and thrive with the right talents by your site.

It does not matter what kind of business you are in. A Global PEO can benefit any company – of any size or industry. The most important part is: Do you have global expansion goals and dreams? If so, we can support you. The reason we support companies like yours is that we believe all businesses can thrive through global expansion. However, red tape is often an obstacle and we want to cut through this for you and accelerate the process. All of our clients see an international future for their company and use our Global Professional Employer Organisation services in their own way. They:

  • are looking for opportunities in global expansion within five years.
  • want to test new potential markets
  • found international talent and need a quick set-up abroad.
  • are ambitious about going global, but do not have the financial back-up or resources yet.
  • or they look for a solution between the set-up of their new entity and their acquisition close date.

Whatever your reasons are, we love to hear from you! To many business owners, their company feels like their baby. It is not something you play around with and we are aware of this. It is our mission to support you by taking care of the aspects that stand in your way during your path to new opportunities. Did you know that:

  • over 4 million employees worldwide have been hired using a PEO.
  • 180,000 small to mid-size companies use a PEO.
  • 15% of small companies with 10-99 members of staff use a PEO.
  • companies like Netflix, Reddit, and Apple use our PEO services.
  • many large businesses use a PEO for their local networks and legal knowledge.

As your PEO we do not just perform the required tasks; we are also your strategic partner. We anticipate every step of your journey to achieving your goal. As part of the recruitment and onboarding process, we can support you with the required visas for employees, and relocation of your home country employees is possible as well.

For us, as your trusted partner, it is important to provide tailored service now, but also in the future. We are proud to say that we have seen many of our clients prosper and grow through global expansion. A growing business is also a changing business and we are prepared to adapt our services to your circumstances at any point.

When you take us on as your PEO, we become fully responsible for applying the local laws. You are risk-free. When a PEO does not follow local regulations compliantly, only the Professional Employer Organisation company will be accountable.

Global expansion is an exciting journey, and we want this journey to go smooth and quick by taking care of the parts in which we excel. With our legal team monitoring international developments and specific country laws and regulations, we can ensure you that all paperwork and contracts are fully compliant with a country’s requirements.

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