Global Employment Organisation

Whether you want to move 1 employee, 100 employees, or convert international contractors to full-time employees, we can ensure 100% compliance anywhere in the world.

What is a Global Employment Organisation?

Global Employment Organisation, ‘GEO’ is a global service that allows businesses to employ staff internationally. You can employ anyone, anytime, in the country of your choice. It allows businesses to have a Global remote work team spread across the world. It allows you to place staff in any country without the need of creating a subsidiary or entity in a foreign country. A GEO is fully compliant with local rules, tax laws and visa legislation. Your employee would use our established Global Entity Network, Bradford Jacobs would be their Employer of Record and be responsible for

  • Payroll taxes.
  • Handling benefits.
  • Management of employee payroll.
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Established Global
Entity Network

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Your GEO Needs

Why use a Global Employment Organisation?

There are a number of reasons why an organisation would partner with a Global Employment Organisation, these include

  • Use of contactors compliantly by transferring them into full time employees internationally.
  • Hire and onboard anyone and have them work in any country in the world.
  • If you want to place a candidate in another country as a recruiter but at low cost to the client.
  • You want to move an entire team or department to another country.
  • Downsize an entity without needing to maintain the entity costs and legalities.
  • Testing new markets with small or large teams in days not months.
  • Access the global talent pool and recruit internationally with ease.
  • Remove costs of hiring lawyers, accountants, visa and contract experts when globally expanding.
  • To achieve your international goals without needing to get involved in the day-to-day hassle of various local laws and processes.

What are the benefits of Global Employment Organisation?

There are plenty of reasons to consider a Global Employment Organisation for your international employee needs:

Build your presence in new markets in record time By working with our team at Bradford Jacobs, you will have access to expert knowledge and insights needed to understand and break into new global markets. For an internationally growing business, the advantages are in the details of ever-changing local legalities – such as immigration laws, overseas payroll processes and compliance laws. At Bradford Jacobs we keep up to date on all laws. Get your business up and running in a new country in no time, growing your audience within days.

Outsourcing your international HR requirements to us means you do not need to pay for an expensive in-house HR team in your own country, or possibly even multiple HR advisors based in each country you are looking to build your audience in. All the knowledge and support in one place, without the inordinate costs of an in-house representative, or the time needed to find multiple representatives around the world.

Keep your HR on brand by being able to deliver benefits and perks in any country using GEO services. Improve employee retention internationally by being able to provide benefits and bonuses to your global employees just like your local ones. Retain the employees in your new global talent pool.

With our existing knowledge and connections in countries around the world, we can often find talented employees using local networks that you might otherwise not be aware of. For those times when you need to streamline or build your workforce, GEOs are often able to scale these employees up or down much more effectively than if they had been recruited directly through your business. In some countries, we can even onboard new employees and get them on the payroll in as little as two weeks.

Our team will ensure that your employees are being paid on time and compliantly. Managing the various local and national income tax laws, plus social security payments all over the world.

We ensure your business remains compliant across every step of your global expansion. Our in house and global network team are always monitoring international and local policy changes so you do not have to.

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