Companies that want to be competitive in today’s market need strong employer branding. It affects how your employees perceive your company but also impacts their commitment and loyalty towards you as an organisation, which can make all the difference when competing against other businesses for top talent worldwide!

When buying a pair of sneakers, you automatically think about Nike or Adidas as their employer branding resonates with you. It is not because of great marketing but rather a great brand recognition due to employer branding!

Focus on Branding

The main reason to have strong employer branding is to differentiate yourself from other companies. Building your brand or a company’s image aims to attract and hire those who precisely fit these criteria.

Employer branding draws out the skill set needed for specific projects and draws out those with particular interests while also appealing to ordinary people who use the products.

It stresses how having an appropriate “employer persona” helps businesses attract precisely the people they want!

The Employer Branding Strategy

Employers should always keep their employees at the centre of business decisions. Humanising your brand with employee-centric content will create a unique experience for customers and clients alike!

Your Approach

Maintaining a focus on the strategy and key players is crucial to building employer branding. To do this, you will need to assess your business’s digital marketing and presence.

Simply put, you must ensure all your communications and touchpoints that the prospective candidate will see effectively represent your company, your culture and the working environment.

Projected vs Actual Image

You offer flexible hours, a remote work policy, outstanding salaries and benefits, free coffee, Friday lunch/drinks and the best office you could imagine. However, the candidates are not streaming in when you put out a job opening.

This is because your digital image doesn’t accurately reflect what your company is in reality. Therefore the Talent can’t see how beneficial it would be for them to be employed by your organisation.

Company Culture

When looking for employment, many things can motivate talent to join your company, money being only one of them.

The most crucial thing in any workplace (especially if we want to retain our people) should be how employees feel about their work environment and teammates. Whether they engage well together will dictate who stays, who goes, and who is retained for long-term service!

The caring, friendly culture at your company is what makes it so great!

The Difference

The difference between brands A, B, C & D all selling the same product is their branding. People buy products based on what they see, not what they need!

The same principle applies to potential hires who choose a company on what is on offer and what is verified.

Your Employer Branding

When sharing information about your employer’s brand, make sure to set the correct tone and style of communication so that your messages appear honest both externally and internally. Be consistent in how often these updates are shared. Here are some points you should focus on:

Website and Public Image

Your website is not just a required tick box. It is your prospective employee’s first point of contact. What they see will affect them. For example, having a LinkedIn advert that links to a website that doesn’t work, doesn’t reflect the job posting or is outdated will cause a drastic drop-off and candidates will reject your job offers – if they make it to that stage!

While a website requires certain corporate information, it needs to be curated, managed and constantly updated. This includes Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Copy, Imagery, Content, Design, Functionality, Accessibility and, of course, Company Information.

LinkedIn Network

LinkedIn, like your website, must follow the same principles and be updated regularly. Having no activity on a company LinkedIn page for months and then posting a career opportunity will not gain you any traction in attracting the best talents!

Social Media Channels

While most people think social media is a mindless waste of time, it does serve a purpose. As the world has changed, so has the way people obtain, verify and process information.

If you think about your own choices and decisions, you inevitably find a company’s social media channel to either review their product, see their customers’ responses or see how the public rates them as a product or business. Employees do the same thing when it comes to your business!

The best way to get employer branding working for you is by using storytelling.
It will help you connect with potential new candidates and emphasise the personality of who they will work for, promoting your brand’s identity as well!

A strong employer brand will inevitably help your company scale and maintain a positive trajectory, which is why it is crucial to keep up with the latest trends in this industry.

Having gained an overall understanding of what is Employer Branding and how it will help you attract and engage top talents, here is how Bradford Jacobs will accompany you along the way:

  • Planning: We will begin by discussing your objectives and developing a results-driven model. This model highlights how to discover, engage and develop applicants and forecast the outcome of your hiring journey.
  • Content: Deciding which type of content will make your employer branding stand out based will be based on our talent data. We can use existing content or roll out new assets, including images, video, copywriting and landing pages.
  • Targeting: Marketing automation and content marketing techniques ultimately blend together here. By using a ‘source audience’ from our talent database (e.g., German engineering professionals who consider working for a particular company), we can then target similar people or ‘lookalikes’ on Social Media.
  • Optimising: The optimisation starts by campaigning in the most efficient channels and A/B testing the content to establish which assets resonate with your target talent. Knowing this will allow us to optimise the campaign by focusing solely on the most suitable channels with the most engaging content.
  • Reporting: Throughout the campaign, you will receive updates on the results and a full campaign report upon completion.