Employer Branding

Companies that want to be competitive in today’s market need strong employer branding. It affects how your employees perceive your company but also impacts their commitment and loyalty towards you as an organisation.

Focus on Branding

The main reason to have strong employer branding is to differentiate yourself from other companies. Building your brand or a company’s image aims to attract and hire those who precisely fit these criteria.

Employer branding draws out the skill set needed for specific projects and draws out those with particular interests while also appealing to ordinary people who use the products.

It stresses how having an appropriate “employee persona” helps businesses attract precisely the people they want!

Employer Branding, Marketing Strategy Planning

Solution Focused Guidance

The Employer
Branding Strategy

Employers should always keep their employees at the centre of business decisions. Humanising your brand with employee-centric content will create a unique experience for customers and clients alike!


Maintaining a focus on the strategy and key players is crucial to building employer branding. To do this, you will need to assess your business’s digital marketing and presence.


Your digital image should accurately reflect what your company is in reality, enabling the talent to see how beneficial it would be for them to be employed by your organisation.


The most crucial thing in any workplace (especially if we want to retain our people) should be how employees feel about their work environment and teammates.


The difference between brands A, B, C & D all selling the same product is their branding. People buy products based on what they see, not what they need!


Your website is not just a required tick box. It is your prospective employee’s first point of contact. What they see will affect them.


While most people think social media is a mindless waste of time, it does serve a purpose. As the world has changed, so has the way people obtain, verify and process information.

Elevate Your Employer Branding.

Having gained an overall understanding of what is Employer Branding and how it will help you attract and engage top talents, here is how Bradford Jacobs will accompany you along the way

  • Planning
    We will begin by discussing your objectives and developing a results-driven model. This model highlights how to discover, engage and develop applicants and forecast the outcome of your hiring journey.
  • Content
    Deciding which type of content will make your employer branding stand out based will be based on our talent data. We can use existing content or roll out new assets, including images, video, copywriting and landing pages.
  • Targeting
    Marketing automation and content marketing techniques ultimately blend together here. By using a ‘source audience’ from our talent database (e.g., German engineering professionals who consider working for a particular company), we can then target similar people or ‘lookalikes’ on Social Media.

  • Optimising
    The optimisation starts by campaigning in the most efficient channels and A/B testing the content to establish which assets resonate with your target talent. Knowing this will allow us to optimise the campaign by focusing solely on the most suitable channels with the most engaging content.

  • Reporting
    Throughout the campaign, you will receive updates on the results and a full campaign report upon completion.

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