Download Canada Country Guide

Download our Guide to Canada here

Get a look into the facts about expanding into Canada and see what we can do to make your expansion easier. Here is what we can do for you:

  • Customised solutions for all nationalities moving to work in Canada
  • Local specialists providing you with ongoing business support
  • Extensive EOR expertise ensuring that your employees benefit from any treaties on expatriate tax, double taxation treaties, reclaimable expenses, or social security agreements
  • The option for employees to use their accountant, and cover the fees to the level charged by our accountant
  • One-to-one contact with our consultants
  • Canadian Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) Features and Benefits for Employer
  • A rapid solution to onboarding employees for your International Expansion
  • Total control over operating budgets as all costs are detailed at outset for full transparency
  • Minimal paperwork or red tape. Since you do not need to set up an entity, you can start operating in Canada within days
  • Reduced accountancy and legal costs
  • All statutory professional insurance
Canada Country Guide