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United Kingdom Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Services

As one of the world’s largest national economies with a broad scale of new business opportunities, the United Kingdom is the perfect fit for your global expansion plans. However, Brexit did make an expansion into the UK a bit more complex. By using our PEO services, you can expand into the UK compliantly within days.

The UK is renowned for its progressive vision and was amongst the instigators of the Industrial Revolution during the 19th century. Although the Brexit initiated a turbulent period, the Trade and Cooperation Agreement with the European Union is expected to turn the tide and lead to a rapidly growing and robust economy.

With London as one of the world’s largest financial centers and with a strong Services Industry led by Financial Services, the UK offers a market full of opportunities for your company to thrive.

What is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) for the United Kingdom?

A PEO offers you a launchpad for global expansion. By using a PEO in the United Kingdom there is no need to set-up a legal entity including all tax registrations and complicated paperwork, and you can start doing business within days.

At Bradford Jacobs, we made it our goal to gain expert inside knowledge on UK payroll, taxes, labor laws, and other local regulations. By utilizing our sources, you can start your global expansion hassle-free and at a low cost. We can provide specific support for payroll, taxation, Human Resources, and compliance issues as you expand your operations and enforce your workforce.

If you are ready to start your global success with us, you can add new international talent to your company within days. We have the connections and network to locate talents that meet your needs and wishes on all levels. Without the need for you to create a UK subsidiary, your new employee can benefit your business in the United Kingdom in days instead of months.

Needless to say, but incredibly important: we ensure your company complies with all regulations and laws, areas in which can incur severe penalties would you fail to adhere. Your chosen candidate is hired through our agencies in the United Kingdom and remains under your day-to-day control.