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Our PEO Services in Poland can help you make your expansion hassle-free and cost-effective, enabling you to start your Polish business in days.

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Due to the complexity of Poland’s economy, the country offers many surprising opportunities and benefits yet to explore. This combined with a substantial trading network can profit your business in numerous ways.

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Hassle-Free Expansion

With a mixed economy that has proven to be resilient and diverse, Poland is increasingly popular amongst international businesses. The relatively low cost of living combined with an advanced trading network results in a fruitful market with success at a low threshold. With our PEO service, this threshold becomes even lower, and you can start doing business in Poland within days.

Poland’s complex history did not only result in a resilient economy but also in a highly diverse economic environment. While over 60 per cent of the economy revolves around the service sector, the industry also contributes for over 30 per cent.

Although Poland does not depend on export, it does have strong ties with most European countries with Germany as its main trading partner.

A PEO offers you a launchpad for global expansion. By using a PEO in Poland there is no need to set-up a legal entity including all tax registrations and complicated paperwork, and you can start doing business within days.

At Bradford Jacobs, we made it our goal to gain expert inside knowledge on Polish payroll, taxes, labor laws, and other local regulations. By utilizing our sources, you can start your global expansion hassle-free and at a low cost. We can provide specific support for payroll, taxation, Human Resources, and compliance issues as you expand your operations and enforce your workforce.

If you are ready to start your global success with us, you can add new international talent to your company within days. We have the connections and network to locate talents that meet your needs and wishes on all levels. Without the need for you to create a Polish subsidiary, your new employee can benefit your business in Poland in days instead of months.

But incredibly important: we ensure your company complies with all regulations and laws, areas in which can incur severe penalties would you fail to adhere. Your chosen candidate is hired through our agencies in Poland and remains under your day-to-day control.

Benefits of Using PEO Services in Poland

For Employers

As an employer, you are usually responsible for all legal aspects regarding your employees’ employment. In a new country, this process will probably take some more effort… well, it does not have to. At Bradford Jacobs, we have extensive experience with Polish payroll, taxes, and other local laws and regulations.

That way, you can enjoy the following:

  • Minimal paperwork or red tape. Since you do not need to set up an entity, you can start operating in Poland within days.

  • On-call service to assist with routine HR concerns such as absence management and processing expense.
  • Liaison with employees to ensure they are up to date with companies’ internal policies and handbooks.
  • A rapid solution to onboarding employees for your international expansion into Poland.

  • Total control over operating budgets as all costs are detailed at the outset for full transparency.

  • Prompt 24/7 support with disciplinary or grievance issues needing an urgent response.

  • Expert guidance with employment and compliance issues.

  • Reduced accountancy and legal costs.

  • Statutory professional insurance.

Benefits of PEO services for employers

Offering You
Expert Guidance

Benefits of PEO services for employees

Keeping Your
Employees Happy

For Employees

Employees are the main core of your business. They keep the engine running; therefore, it is also important to create a stable agreement that satisfies both employer and employee. As their legal employer, we are responsible for keeping your employees happy with the work agreement. Due to our broad network and experts, we can offer employees great benefits and a reliable, compliant employment contract.

We will make sure they enjoy the following:

  • Worry-free local employment contract compliant with local regulations

  • One-to-one professional HR advice on employment-related issues

  • On-time and 100% accurate salary payment

  • Updates on tax and compliance regulations

  • Great benefits

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