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Dutch Entity Set Up

Global expansion into the Netherlands generally means that you need to set up an in-country entity. However, by partnering with us you create the possibility to bypass this process and utilize our Dutch entity. By using our PEO service we take care of the complicated paperwork.

Expanding into a new country is always an adventure, but we believe this adventure should be exciting instead of just frustrating and time-consuming. Therefore, we have been supporting companies in over a hundred countries with their expansion plans.

How to set up a Dutch Subsidiary

Setting up a subsidiary in the Netherlands? Firstly, choose the company type, which most typically will be a private limited liability company, known as an (Besloten vennootschap, BV). These are some of the tasks that need to be ticked off before incorporation:

  • Obtain a ‘certificate of non-objection’ from the Dutch Ministry of Justice to register a subsidiary.
  • Check that your business name is valid and unique and register with the Chamber of Commerce and the tax authorities. 
  • Confirmation of the company name enables the registration procedure to begin.
  • Open a corporate bank account to deposit initial capital and receive certificate of deposit.
  • Obtain a ‘Declaration of non-objection’ from the Ministry of Justice.
  • Have the Articles of Association, application for establishing a subsidiary and the foundation deeds notarized by a Dutch lawyer and then submitted to the Chamber of Commerce with the certificate of bank deposit and declaration of non-objection.

Benefits of setting up a Subsidiary in Netherlands

Among the legal advantages of setting up a subsidiary in the Netherlands is that the shareholders and directors of the parent company have limited liability and the parent company itself is not liable for the activities, responsibilities, or debts of the Dutch subsidiary.

The subsidiary also has the freedom to engage independently in more types of business than the parent company. The move can also have tax advantages in offsetting the losses of one company against the profits of another.

In the wider commercial sense opening a subsidiary makes a statement of a company’s commitment to expanding into foreign markets. The Netherlands is a popular target for expansion with its internationally-focused economy, strong financial sector, quality of life, a pro-business government and geographical location as a gateway to the rest of mainland Europe and even farther east.

Using a global Professional Employer Organization (PEO) such as Bradford Jacobs means staff can be sourced, placed in their roles, and be up-and-running within days, rather than months, and with all the difficulties of payroll, taxation, and compliance under control thanks to our Employer of Record (EOR) services.