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Italy Visas, Work Permits and Migration

Italian visa, residency and permit regulations require expert guidance as they vary according to the country foreign nationals live in – the European Union, the European Economic Area and other foreign nationals are all affected by these complex regulations.

Our team is trained to research the latest information on Italian visas and work permits – therefore, we created a guide to introduce you to the rules and requirements

What Types of Work Visas, and Permits for Italy are there?

Italy forms part of the Schengen area – so citizens from this area are free to migrate throughout without a need for a visa. For those outside the Schengen area, and non-EEA individuals, there are a few visas/permits that they may apply for.

Types of Permits:

Italian residence permit – An Italian residence permit must be obtained by the foreign national upon arrival to Italy. It allows them to live in Italy for more than 3 months and is valid for 2 years. 

Work Permit – For non-EEA citizens, this is part of a work authorization that must be applied for by the employer, on behalf of their prospective employee. 

Types of Visas:

Airport Transit Visas (Type A) – Allows the individual to transit through the international area of a Member State’s airport.

Uniform Schengen Visas (Type C) – the individual may enter and move freely in all countries of the Schengen area. This visa type is valid for a maximum of 90 days in a 180-day period.

Visa with Limited Territorial Validity (Type C) – This type of visa only applies for the territory of the issuing state, or for the territory of some states, but not all of them.

Long-Stay Visa (Type D) – this type of visa permits the individual to stay within the territory that has issued it for more than 90 days, with the maximum validity depending on the visa’s use.