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Italian Entity Set Up

Global expansion into Italy generally means that you need to set up an in-country entity. However, by partnering with us you create the possibility to bypass this process and utilize our Italian entity. By using our PEO service we take care of the complicated paperwork.

Expanding into a new country is always an adventure, but we believe this adventure should be exciting instead of just frustrating and time-consuming. Therefore, we have been supporting companies in over a hundred countries with their expansion plans.

How to set up an Italian Subsidiary

Setting up a subsidiary requires these steps:

  1. Decide on the company type that suits the nature of your business, your business goals and matches your own capabilities to meet establishment requirements. Common company types include: the Limited Liability Company (SRL), the Public Limited Company (SpA), The Free Zone Company, Branch Office (Filiale), Representative Office (Ufficio di Rappresentanza)
  2. Obtain a local business address in Italy.
  3. Decide on a company name and check on its availability.
  4. Prepare the appropriate registration documents.
  5. Open a local business bank account in Italy and deposit the appropriate share capital.
  6. Notarize registration documents at a notary’s office and acquire an Apostille Certificate for them.
  7. Register your company at the Trade Register and the Register of Enterprises.
  8. Register with the Tax Revenue Authority.
  9. Register with the National Social Security Institute.
  10. Register for a VAT Number.
  11. Receive a Certificate of Incorporation and a Company Registration Number.

Benefits of setting up a Subsidiary in Italy

Italy is an attractive destination in Europe for subsidiary establishment and growing a business’ influence. There are also other significant benefits to establishing an entity in Italy:

  • Subsidiaries in Italy are taxed the same as any other resident company.
  • Subsidiary entities in Italy also benefit from close to 100 double taxation treaties, making the country an investor-friendly tax regime with an extensive network.
  • Businesses in Italy have a gateway to the European Single Market, with access to over 50 million consumers in over 30 national markets.
  • Subsidiaries in Italy also benefit from Italy’s strategic location, with its advanced infrastructure offering access to the rest of the European Union, as well as Northern Africa and the Middle East.
  • The Italian government offers numerous tax credits and incentives for subsidiaries and other foreign investments, especially in research and development.
  • Italy is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers, with a large and extensive network of experts in a wide range of sectors.
  • Italy spends over EUR 25 billion in research and development, making it the fourth highest investor in Europe. The government agency, Invitalia, also provides extensive incentives to both local and foreign companies by financing projects in sectors such as industry, tourism, and environmental protection.