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Hong Kong Visas, Work Permits and Migration

With low costs in administration, labor and tax, attractive business incentives, and reputable scores in ease of business, Hong Kong is an appealing global business expansion option for foreign companies, entrepreneurs, and workers. Hong Kong visa and permit regulations require expert guidance as they vary according to the zones foreign nationals reside in – Mainland China, Asia, Europe, the US, and outside zones are all affected by these regulations.

What Types of Work Visas, and Permits for Hong Kong are there?

Hong Kong has several visas foreign nationals can apply for, depending on their work needs:

  • Visa under the General Employment Policy (GEP) – A Professional Work Visa for expats that are highly qualified for their work.
  • Visa under the Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professionals (ASMTP).
  • Visa under Immigration Arrangements for Non-Local Graduates (IANG) – This is a visa for foreign nations with a degree from Hong Kong. Within 6 months of graduation, individuals can apply for this visa to stay in Hong Kong for up to a year to look for local employment.
  • Visa under the Technology Talent Admission Scheme (TTAS) – This work visa is for specialists in certain technology sectors, which include artificial intelligence and financial technologies.
  • Training Visa – This visa option is for individuals who are looking to learn a skill or gain specific knowledge and want to live in Hong Kong for up to a year.
  • Visa under Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS) – Expats from certain professions who want to work in Hong Kong, and has 1,000 slots for IT, financial, legal, and creative individuals who do not have an existing job offer.

Most foreign nationals who are moving to Hong Kong apply for a GEP Visa. Most work visas are only valid for a year, but they can be renewed.