Based on years of supporting clients in their pursuit of international expansion, Bradford Jacobs has witnessed many challenges, costly errors, and has seen the best plans fail. We believe decisions should be made from a well-informed position based on facts, not guesswork. 

Let us guide you on your expansion journey with our Consulting Services. We consult with our clients, listen to the challenges faced, work in partnership to assess your needs and advise on tailored solutions with a holistic lifecycle approach. It includes understanding the local market through skills mapping, salary bands, cost of employment, local legislative requirements, and competitor employee analysis.

How can Bradford Jacobs Consult help you?

Bradford Jacobs believes that proper market awareness enables business expansion allowing projects to be delivered following the three principal measures of time, cost & quality. As such, our Consulting package provides:

Salary Bands:

Meet not exceeding budgets & competitive rates to attract the best talent

Cost of Employment:

Allowing actual costs to be recognised and avoiding bottom-line impact

Competitor Employee Analysis:

Reducing attrition rates and achieving staff retention

Skills Mapping:

Ensuring accuracy in targeting and hiring talent efficiently

Local Legislative Requirements:

Avoiding employee conflict and prospective fines and lawsuits

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