We can expect AI to replace over 15% of jobs in the next ten years, but you are still going to need real people to get most of the work done.

In a global economy, looking at local markets is not enough anymore; you think about hiring from other countries to fill the holes you have instead. Though, do you know how to do this, and what are the most common issues in this method of hiring?

This is why talent acquisition specialists can come in handy. We can provide experts who can help you bring in workers from across the world, increasing your potential of hiring skilled labour. This article will explain why you should consider working with us today.

What Does a Talent Acquisition Partner Do?

By working with us, we can provide you with an expert with a specialisation in finding and recruiting the best talent for your company. With us, though, instead of only looking at local talent, we will ensure you get options from across the world.

Talent acquisition involves many different focuses, including:

Researching Markets

We can investigate the potential for talent in many different markets across the world. We then focus on potential talent and either headhunt or advertise in different areas.

Screening Candidates

We can judge potential candidates from their resumes, and then ensure you only receive potential hires with a good level of skills and experience. We will know the difference between a good resume and real skill, giving you the assurance you only receive the best options.

Working With You

We can collaborate with stakeholders within your company who have a vested interest in who ends up as part of the workforce. By talking to all the different managers, we can find one who fits not only the company’s technical needs but the company’s culture, too.

Offering Support

When you have chosen someone to work for you, you need to know they can get to you. Professionals can navigate the world of international visas. We can offer potential hires any support they need to ensure they get one.

Expert Knowledge

By wielding advanced acquisition strategies, a specialist knows all the details of how that will work. They have access to knowledge of the hiring steps they need to take and the culture in different global markets. The expert can then use this information to pick the best options from each one.

Depending on where they hire from, they will understand what people need to offer to stay competitive. They then advertise to those diverse areas with realistic offers.

Better Candidate Quality

A high-quality talent acquisition partner has a good understanding of what it means to attract the best talent to suit your company. They have experience in knowing what high-quality workers look like and can weed out the worst offers before you even see them.

With a hiring professional, you can expect the hiring process to be engaging and respect potential candidates. This means the hirer can often get a clearer idea of the potential recruit’s real skill level. This then saves you from complicated testing in all cases.

Cost Reduction and Time Savings

Sometimes you want to pick up a new hire as soon as you can because of a sudden increase in workload or the loss of an employee. In such situations, you need to know someone can focus their whole attention on recruitment strategies. This will help you get the team back to earlier levels as soon as possible.

At the same time, if you do not have a huge amount of money available for the hiring process, a talent acquisition expert can help you. They can get the whole thing done in a way that matches your budget, so you can worry about the onboarding process instead of nickels and dimes.

International Regulation Compliance

As you expand into hiring globally, you need to start thinking about other countries rules. You might need to know what the tax regulations are in other areas, or if you need to worry about immigration laws, as two examples.

There might also be language and cultural issues if you work elsewhere. Some countries expect bonuses to happen every year, even if not mentioned in a contract. Not knowing this can harm your reputation and cause you further issues in the long run.

You will also want to ensure you follow all the cybersecurity laws of other companies when it comes to new hires and their personal data. Using a talent acquisition partner means they can handle all the issues surrounding these. They can also help you understand what you need to update on your own systems to get up to speed.

Ongoing Support

A specialist not only works during the hiring process itself but will continue to engage with you even at other times. They can keep an eye on the market even before you pull the trigger on hiring.

If you then think you might want to bring more people in later, they can hit the ground running when you get started.

Scalable Role

Talent acquisition comes and goes. Sometimes you need to bring in whole new teams, while at other times hiring might slow down.

By bringing in a talent specialist from a third-party company you can scale their role up and down. At times when you need their services more, you can engage with them to bring them on board and pay for more of their time. So when you do not need them, you can put their services on hold.

Contact Our Talent Acquisition Specialists

You should now have a much more robust understanding of what talent acquisition specialists do. On top of that, you should now understand why hiring one is so much better than performing the role yourself.

With the above information in mind, you are likely planning to engage with our talent acquisition specialists already. As such, we look forward to talking to you. So get in contact and start your journey to better, more diverse hires today.