Applications through online job boards account for almost 20% of all new hires these days, after referrals. The issue is that such posts often have to be perfect, and paired with a well-marketed promotion for working for your organization. Getting all these things in order at the right time demands a comprehensive talent acquisition strategy, so, do you have one?

Read on to learn why such a strategy is so important and what it can do for you.

Attracting Talent Leaders

Finding top talent means expressing how your company is the best option for people already potentially at the top of their game. To do this, you have to have a water-tight offering. This includes:

  • crafting an irresistible employer brand
  • using advanced recruitment methods
  • offering a streamlined hiring experience

For many, this sounds like a lot, but with so many companies using external talent acquisition agencies these days, it is becoming the norm. Attracting talented professionals has become harder, and so you need to raise the bar by having a comprehensive plan when it comes to hiring.

At the same time, you cannot stop there. Your strategy must not only encompass bringing people on board. When someone discusses benefits, training, career progression, and so much more, you need to be ready to answer or they will not take up your offer.

Adapting Your Hiring to a Changing World

We live in a world where the business landscape is moving much faster than it ever has before. Consider adopting Agile processes that aim to constantly iterate in response to a changing market. This way, you can always stay ahead of the game and ensure you remain flexible to adapt to whatever the industry throws at you.

A comprehensive strategy should also include a plan to include more than only in-office workers. Think about hiring people who can establish a hybrid working method or even remote workers. Hiring people outside of your local area, or even globally, becomes an option when you do not consider location to be a part of your plan.

The Benefits of Global Acquisition Strategies

By looking outside of your local sphere for people to work with you, you can start to leverage talent you did not know existed before. After all, North America and Europe combined only comprise around 17% of the world’s population. The best option for your company might be somewhere else altogether, and a good hiring strategy should not exclude them.

As you look into building up a hiring strategy that looks further afield, you may also be mitigating risk. If your local area is prone to geopolitical upheaval, or economic issues, this can impact your hiring from that area. Looking toward other regions for workers gives you ways around that.

Utilizing Technology in the Hiring Strategy

As AI and machine learning start to come to the forefront of modern technology, your hiring strategy should take them into account. Use these tools to help you reduce the workforce you need to sift through vast numbers of resumes and get your hiring done in a fraction of the time. In some cases, you could even allow your early screening process to use chatbots to answer some of the more common questions people might have.

As you get further into candidate analysis, adding updates in technology to your plans can help you work out the best hire for any role. Using data-driven processes, you can start to work out which workers fit the skills you need better. It may even be possible to use the data you receive to tweak your hiring processes by working out where people drop out of the hiring funnel.

Mitigating Risk As You Scale Up

There are always many dangers that bringing in extra workers might dig up. One example is the need to ensure all your new hires fit with your company culture. Including onboarding and cross-cultural training in your hiring plan can ensure people do not stumble in their first days.

You also want to ensure that you comply with local laws and regulations as you plan any hiring process. A good way to go about this is to either consult with legal experts to make sure you are doing everything you can, or work with a global talent expert. Many of these services have already handled such issues in the past and will know how to navigate such difficulties as a company expands.

Planning For Future Hiring Trends

As you move forward in the hiring world, you need to be aware of emerging skills you will need to map to your business. One of the largest areas for this in coming years will be leveraging AI and automation to perform roles that people used to perform.

You should ensure any hiring strategy you have includes regular audits of our skill map to include emerging abilities. It is also important to include internal workers in your talent acquisition processes. Add training, skill reviews, and other ways to expand your existing team’s capabilities to any plans you have moving forward.

The Modern Drive Towards Ethical Hiring

In the 21st century, the world is seeing a bigger push than ever towards diverse and inclusive hiring practices. This not only benefits those you hire, but the company as a whole as new perspectives lead to much greater creativity.

These kinds of hiring practices also ensure more people feel comfortable and welcome in your company. As such, it is one of the most effective sustainable talent strategies you could implement.

Unlock the Perfect Talent Acquisition Strategy

As you can see, having a talent acquisition strategy can be a major boon for any company hoping to get ahead of the game. Still, you will need to work with someone who knows how to both design and put in place such a comprehensive plan.

Working with Bradford Jacobs will give you access to professional hiring teams. These are experts who will leverage modern methods to ensure you bring on board only the best. If this sounds like what you need, contact us today and start a conversation that could set you on a path to success