As of April 2023, about 1.93% of the US workforce was made up of temporary workers. While this may sound like a small percentage, it represents a large number of individuals.

Many companies tend to focus primarily on permanent employees, but it can be beneficial to explore other options. A temporary employee can offer a range of benefits that may be ideal for your business. Understanding these benefits will help you make better decisions about bringing in new talent.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the potential advantages of hiring a temporary employee. Keep reading for more.

Benefits of Hiring Temporary Employees

You may take on one or more temporary workers when it’s more suitable than hiring full-time employees. This could be a one-off thing for a specific project, or you may do so regularly if it fits how your business operates.

Reduce Staffing Costs

Keeping costs down is always ideal, especially if you can do so while putting your business in a better position. When taking on a permanent employee, there are various costs you’ll be responsible for, such as:

  • Onboarding
  • Payroll processing
  • Benefits administration
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Unemployment

Your costs can be a lot lower if you hire a temporary employee. When going through a staffing agency, they’ll be the ones responsible for these costs instead. You’ll have to pay a fee to the agency, but this is typically less than the other costs you’re avoiding.

Faster Hiring Times

Saving costs is always a good thing, but your most valuable resource is time, so saving this can be even better. Recruiting and hiring can be a very time-consuming process. For companies that don’t have dedicated recruitment teams in-house, this is even more of a factor.

By working with a staffing agency, you can get the extra help you need without having to spend time finding it. For some companies, seasonal trends mean they need to take on temporary employees quite often. Having a professional third-party company do the heavy lifting here can be far more time-efficient.

Increase Staff Without Adding to the Permanent Headcount

Keeping the overall headcount down can be ideal, and hiring temporary employees can work well here. Every employee you take on will incur costs, which will then impact your overall profits.

With temporary employees, however, you’ll be able to get a boost in productivity without adding to the costs associated with a higher headcount. There are still some costs with temporary employers, but they tend to be lower and more flexible. You can adjust things based on your needs for the best cost-efficiency.

Fill In Temporary Gaps

Things may run smoothly most of the time, but almost all businesses experience workforce gaps at certain points. It’s ideal if you can be prepared for these to ensure there isn’t a drop in productivity. Temporary workers are perfect for this.

If you have any employees taking extended absences due to things like vacations, maternity leave, or disability, you’ll want to have someone to take their place for the duration. You can bring in a temporary worker for a predetermined time to take over for this absent employee.

Alternatively, you could distribute this workload among your other employees. They may, however, then have too much going on, which can cause other issues. It can lead to things like:

  • Workplace burnout
  • Increased stress and anxiety
  • Reduced performance
  • Lower job satisfaction

In some cases, this may be an appropriate solution, but it’s always worth considering a temporary employee as this could be the best route.

Access to Highly-Qualified, Pre-Screened Candidates

When looking for new employees, one of the most important elements is job specifications. You’ll need to establish the skills and experience required as well as the responsibilities of the role. You then need to find potential hires who meet these criteria.

Doing this can often be tricky. You may get people who apply but aren’t fully qualified. Some people may even lie in the applications to try and get a job.

Because of this, you need to properly screen any candidates before hiring them. This only makes the recruitment process more expensive and time-consuming.

When going through a staffing agency, they’ll take care of much of this for you. All you need to provide is the details and requirements of the job. They’ll then find the best-fitting individuals.

All applicants will be pre-screened to make sure their qualifications and credentials are valid. This will help ensure you get access to the best candidates with ease.

Extra Support for Special Projects

You may want temporary employees to help during company revamping, or it might just be for specific projects. Some of these projects will likely require additional resources or you may be missing specialized skillsets that you need.

It may not be efficient to hire more permanent employees for a short-term project. You can bring in as many temporary employees as you need to ensure you can complete a project properly, but you don’t then have to worry about the burden of having more employees once it’s finished.

Have Some Caution

There are some potential drawbacks to hiring temporary employees that you should be aware of. The main risks can come from miscommunication between your company, the staffing agency, and the temporary employees.

Making sure everyone is on the same page will help prevent this. Be upfront and transparent with the agency about how many temporary workers you need, what they’ll be doing, how long you need them, etc. This will help manage expectations and avoid disagreements.

Employee misclassification can also be a problem. In some cases, it can even lead to issues such as fines.

Make sure you understand the basis on which you’re hiring any temporary employees. If it’s for longer periods, then you may want to consider alternative solutions such as employer of record (EOR).

Finding the Right Temporary Employee

A temporary employee can make a huge difference, so it’s definitely a solution worth considering. Bradford Jacobs specializes in helping organizations find the talent they need, so we can connect you with temporary workers who meet your exact requirements.

We can help you find employees up to three times as fast and have over 20 years of experience. Check out our services page to see more about what we do.