iGaming in Malta has plenty to offer, especially if you’re a tech professional looking for the opportunity to grow your career. With its vibrant digital scene, world-class infrastructure and highly skilled talent pool, Malta is becoming one of Europe’s leading destinations for Tech talent.

Whether you’re an experienced developer with advanced coding skills or a recruiter specialising in finding top tech candidates, this article will explore why iGaming in Malta is a sector worth exploring further.

The State of the Industry: iGaming in Malta is Booming.

The future of iGaming in Malta looks brighter than ever. The sector is booming as technology advances, and investors are confident that new cutting-edge trends in the industry will bring unprecedented growth opportunities.

With 5G networks making online gaming faster, mobile devices such as phones and smartwatches providing enhanced accessibility, or developments in virtual reality (VR) equipment now becoming more affordable – the opportunities and attractiveness of the sector are apparent.

Games development has also grandly contributed to the increased popularity of iGaming. Modern gameplay and new features offering immersive experiences and customisable journeys keep attracting more and more players and tech enthusiasts.

Finally, crypto payments are now being accepted by many sites, making deposits and withdrawals incredibly fast.

An Abundance of Tech Job Opportunities in the iGaming Industry.

Considering a career in iGaming in Malta is an excellent choice for those with a tech background! Malta’s innovative tech environment provides many opportunities.

Companies are always looking for experts across sectors such as front-end development, web and app design, data science analysis, back-end developer operations management and programming. DevOps Engineers can offer a unique set of skills bridging both development and operational roles, and Product Development Designers are also crucial to ensure an optimal gaming experience.

Finally, Game/QA testers ensure all is running smoothly before launching to players worldwide – no job too small or big!
With plenty of room for upskilling and using existing skills in new ways, iGaming in Malta can be a gratifying career path.

The Many Benefits of Working in iGaming in Malta.

Malta has become an international tech hub, drawing in talent from around the world. Home to some of the biggest names in iGaming and tech industries, Malta’s young multicultural workforce is highly sought after. Working in iGaming in Malta offers incredible advantages for tech professionals, such as:

  • Competitive salaries, including generous yearly bonuses.
  • No dress code and a laid-back atmosphere in modern workplaces encourage local networking with talented tech peers and professionals worldwide.
  • There are other global networking opportunities at events like Sigma, one of Europe’s leading gaming conferences.
  • Companies focus on mental health through work-life balance optimised by flexible working / remote and hybrid models.
  • They also focus on general health through various perks such as health insurance, wellness allowances or gym memberships.
  • iGaming companies often provide professional development and upskilling opportunities such as courses, training or internal promotions.
  • Accredited Certifications can be obtained via the European Gaming Institution based in Malta. Maltese government schemes fund various iGaming courses and Continuing Professional Development options are available.
  • Relocating opportunities are frequent as iGaming companies often have offices abroad and facilitate relocation.
  • Finally, having worked in Malta, known as the ‘The Silicone Valletta,’ will always be an impressive addition to a tech resume!

How to Be Competitive in iGaming in Malta?

Malta is a thriving tech hub, so with the right search strategy, it may be relatively easy to find your dream opportunity! By leveraging recruitment agencies connected to the significant iGaming companies on the island, you’re sure to increase the chances of starting your tech career in iGaming in Malta swiftly. It can also help to follow those few tips:

  • Browse through websites that cater specifically to industry professionals. They can provide invaluable insight into current gaming trends and opportunities for jobs coming up soon.
  • To ensure that employers notice you immediately, craft an impeccably formatted CV tailored to their job description; showcase all your skills, qualifications and certifications with pride!
  • Get relevant certifications, if needed.
  • If possible, attend key iGaming events and conferences where young tech talent is always sourced!

How to Attract Top Tech Talent in iGaming in Malta?

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