Companies looking to recruit talent in France may face many challenges, from the country’s rigid legwork to the talent shortage.

However, France is actively welcoming talented professionals and start-up entrepreneurs to join its growing economy! The French government has taken steps to ease the transition by streamlining administrative procedures, making it easier for highly skilled individuals from around the world to settle in France and contribute their skills towards creating a thriving business landscape.

There’s no better time than now to make it work in one of Europe’s most remarkable nations! So get ready to crack into the French job market and recruit talent in France!

French Labour Market

After rising during the pandemic, unemployment in France is finally taking a turn for the better. According to the Institut National de la Statistique et des études économiques (INSEE), in Q3 2022, it decreased to 7.3%, while the employment rate hit an all-time high of 68 %!

The youth employment rate has risen to its highest since 1990, up 1.7 points from last year due to work-study contracts. Even better news for those aged 25-49: their employment rose 0.3 points this quarter and now stands at 82.6%, the highest level since 2009 – an incredible achievement! Finally, individuals 50+ also receive extra attention, with a new high of 66%. Don’t wait! Now is the time to recruit talent in France!

French Labour Reforms

Since 2017, the labour market has significantly shifted thanks to Work Orders. Rather than relying on legal conditions for fixed-term contracts and their duration, this progressive approach – inspired by Nordic countries’ successful social relations model – allows employers and employees to negotiate directly at the company level, from working time schedules or bonuses to branch agreements favourable for both sides!

Employees and employers now have better communication channels, and dialogue between employers and employees has improved, resulting in fewer labour disputes going before the courts.

Other good news for employers, they now have greater flexibility to adjust staffing levels when there is a dip in orders or turnover. Companies can quickly lay off staff for economic reasons without worrying about hefty compensations. Redundancies are also simpler – with a maximum amount set for unfair dismissals- providing more security than ever before.

Moreover, French workers now benefit from reduced social health insurance contributions, with the government lowering that cost by six points.

Focus Set on the Youth

Companies across France have access to an abundance of financial support and incentives when it comes to hiring young people or student apprentices. Through the #1jeune1solution plan, employers are eligible for a bonus of up €8,000 per intern and nearly €15 billion via investment plans geared towards developing skills among job seekers under 25 years old!

Incentives for International Companies

The French government actively encourages companies to invest in the economy with tax cuts and incentives! As of 2021, corporate tax has been reduced from 33% to 26.5%, bringing France closer towards the European average. Twenty billion euros have already been set aside as part of the “France Relance” plan for production taxes, while a research tax credit allows businesses to deduct up to 30% on R&D expenditure – putting France second among OECD countries in terms of financing innovation.

Internships in France

In France, there are several types of job contracts, most notably the semi-permanent and fixed-term ones offering great hiring incentives.

But nowadays, internships — or ‘stages’ as they’re known there— have become incredibly popular, particularly among students needing them for their university degree or prospective employees looking to add a valuable work experience notch to their belt.

Internships are also often sought by foreign job seekers in France, as it is a great way to give their career prospects the boost it needs. They’ll improve their French and create links with potential employers or people who could help lead the way to future career paths. Networking is often critical for landing jobs – so remember: in France, knowing someone can be just as important (if not more) as having top skills!

Innovation and Digitalisation

To revolutionise economic development, the government has implemented changes that reduce bureaucratic roadblocks and enable businesses to get off their feet with streamlined administrative procedures. Companies no longer have a reason to stress regarding unintentional mistakes; authorities now provide immunity from punishment through an aptly-named “right-to-error”. To further boost growth opportunities in 2017, officials introduced ACTE – making business creation and job openings simpler than ever before. You can now launch your own company with just a few clicks on a governmental digital platform.

Recruit Foreign Talent in France

Passeport Talents

Companies in France now have the perfect opportunity to boost their teams with foreign talent. The Passeport Talents residence permit provides an inclusive four-year visa for non-European individuals, allowing them to live and work in France and to be accompanied by their entire family! This process can be done abroad or in France and is open to investors, entrepreneurs, researchers, founders or employees of innovative companies, and blue cardholders (highly qualified workers).

French Tech Visa

This innovative Visa is designed for non-European foreign nationals looking to settle in France. Investors, founders and employees of start-ups can enjoy the many advantages that make this Visa unrivalled. There are no diploma requirements, and family members can also be included on the Visa, with renewable four-year extensions available even if you change or launch your own business during this time. Plus, it’s free!

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