Ready to hire the world’s best and brightest talent? Then taking advantage of an EOR is essential. If you are undertaking a global expansion, you should learn everything from what is an Employer Of Record (EOR) to how they can help your business grow and more.

In the modern business landscape, success often comes down to speed and agility. To outpace competitors, many companies have had no choice but to look beyond their local talent market, resulting in a globalised workforce. Doing this can be challenging for businesses without the necessary resources or expertise, and that’s where Employers of Record come from!

EORs can make international hiring much simpler than it used to be by providing compliant solutions with competitive costs and offering ways around complex processes like payroll fees or tax regulations, which would typically take up time better spent elsewhere.

So, What is an EOR?

There is an easy way to explain what is an Employer of Record. An EOR is a solution for businesses looking to employ global talent abroad. Simply put, it will become the employer of your talents abroad and handle all the legwork. The EOR will assume the responsibility and obligations surrounding local employment laws, such as compensation, holidays, benefits/welfare provisions, termination policies and more – allowing business owners peace of mind that they comply with all applicable regulations.

With an EOR in place, your company can retain complete control over their relationship with any international employees while enjoying the legal protection an employer of record provides.

What are the benefits of an EOR solution?

More than explaining what an Employer of Record is required to show you how essential these solutions are when undertaking an expansion. Let’s look at all the benefits it can bring your business.

  • It helps your business expand by hiring global top talent. Thanks to an EOR, your company can have access to unparalleled skill and expertise, no matter the location- pushing your business toward success.
  • It enables you to source top talent worldwide but without the investment of setting up local entities. EORs allow you to tap directly into the global talent pool and get a feel for different markets with speed and agility.
  • It helps eliminate administrative headaches and remain compliant. From navigating complex employment regulations to minimising legal risks, EORs, through their expertise and experience, ensure compliance while expanding into new markets worldwide.
  • EORs can help add value to your business and maximise your Return On Investment (ROI). Entrusting HR compliance to an EOR unlocks valuable resources and prevents costly losses due to legal risk. You’ll have more time for higher-value activities without worrying about potential financial repercussions.

What are the different types of EORs?

There are two primary types of employer record companies: local EORs and global ones. Although they share some characteristics, it’s essential to understand the distinctions between them because each has unique benefits that may be right for your business needs!

Local EORs

Working with a local Employer of Record is the preferred option for companies wishing to hire talent within one foreign jurisdiction. But be careful when you do your research as the concept of EOR solutions can vary depending on countries (for example, in Germany, the use of an EOR is only allowed for a maximum of 18 months, after which the client must set up an entity). If you’re looking at international expansion in multiple countries, hiring through a global EOR service will be more suitable as they will ensure expertise and compliance no matter the country your wish to operate from.

Global EORs

With the advent of digitalised technologies, companies can reap all benefits from hiring global employees. Working with a Global EOR can drastically streamline operations and cut onboarding timeframes and overhead costs. With such an EOR solution at your disposal, you no longer need to traverse individual countries in search of local options. All international candidate management needs are taken care of right away!


EORs and PEOs are both organisations that offer solutions to managing payroll, benefits, holidays or time off, but their services differ. EORs employ talent on behalf of a client while assuming legal responsibility. In contrast, PEOs provide more of an outsourced HR function without taking liability for employees – requiring businesses to set up a local entity in the hiring country before using a PEO solution.

EOR Employment vs Independent Contractors

Hiring an independent contractor can be tempting for businesses, but it comes with significant risks. Definitions of contractual work vary across countries, and misclassifying workers is typical when working on an individual basis long-term. It could result in hefty fines and regulatory issues if you’ve been determining their hours or other factors that may make them appear to employees rather than contractors. The best approach to avoid these complications is usually through EOR employment, streamlining processes such as onboarding while protecting key intellectual property to ensure your business will be successful in today’s market!

How to Choose the Best EOR

Now that you know what is an Employer of Record, you still need to learn how to select the perfect one for your expansion needs. You already know that an EOR can significantly impact your business. To ensure you’re setting yourself up for success, you must choose the right EOR. Here are some critical things to consider:

  • When you’ve found the perfect fit for your team, it’s crucial to ensure that their hire complies with all necessary regulations. Make sure your EOR can handle any location requirements so you can welcome them onto the team!
  • When looking for an EOR, it is essential to find one that can provide the necessary services and accommodate your unique business needs. Only a quality provider can offer you complete flexibility – allowing your organisation to reach its full potential in this competitive landscape.
  • Are you planning for a cost-effective EOR? Despite the temptation of low service fees, some providers may come with hidden costs or complex invoicing. It’s worth exploring all options to find one that meets all requirements – not just one offering budget prices!
  • Look at how the EOR ensures that all data is safe and secure. Your EOR should use the highest levels of industry-standard protection to keep your information secure and implement rigorous security protocols, so you can ensure that your business’s confidential details and those of talent are safeguarded with utmost care.
  • Having reliable communication with your EOR service provider is a must! Make sure to research reviews and testimonials before selecting one—their customer support could make all the difference. That way, you can rest assured that their teams will handle any errors or inquiries quickly without delay.

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