In North America alone, over 60% of companies use external companies, such as talent acquisition managers, to help them bring on new workers. This can often save them both time and money that they can instead focus on their product or service. But what is a talent acquisition manager and how can it help you get the skilled employees you might need?

This article will run through what the core of the role of such a person offers. You will then see how to recognize a skilled manager so you can find a high-quality example for yourself.

What Is a Talent Acquisition Manager?

This role has a significant role in making sure your organization remains robust and can continue to compete in your industry. By hiring well-trained and skilled workers, a person in such a position can ensure your company retains its velocity even as you upscale.

Identifying Company Recruitment Needs

Talent acquisition managers aim to understand a company inside and out. They look to both hiring history as well as current needs and future requirements, to ensure all seats remain filled. They will collaborate with managers to build skills maps and understand what the company needs moving forward.

This role demands that the manager understand the company’s mission and culture, as well as its long-term goals. This will ensure people they bring on board will feel motivated by the company’s direction.

Creating Enticing Job Postings

One of the main ways this role brings in people is by creating high-quality job descriptions to advertise future openings. They need well-developed writing skills to communicate the responsibilities of the role.

They also need to present the qualifications an applicant needs and offer benefits that entice the best talent. Through this process, they must also ensure the company’s values are at the heart of what they communicate.

Developing Talent Sourcing Strategies

Attempting to bring in new talent involves more than posting to a single job board. The company must also engage with marketing campaigns that make it clear that the organization is a positive environment. At the same time, they need to continue making use of internal and external pipelines, as well as professional networks, to source the best hires.

Screening Candidates

Recruiting qualified candidates can involve a screening process that involves several steps, including:

  • Reviewing resumes
  • Analyzing cover letters
  • Confirming qualifications
  • Checking references
  • Performing early phone screenings

The sum of all these steps should be ensuring the potential employee has the experience and qualifications to perform well in the role. The manager must also check to see if they would fit the company’s culture, to ensure no clash of standards or values.

By the end of this process, they should have a shortlist of candidates. This can save a line manager the need to check through what could be hundreds of applications.

Interviewing and Assessing Potential Hires

The talent acquisition manager can then conduct interviews where they can dive deeper into a candidate’s ability. These are usually in person or via video chat. These will show how an applicant performs under a small amount of social pressure and can also test several other skills.

Working with department heads, the manager can create trial work. This can often show the ability of the worker to do the jobs expected of them if they get the position. This can prove to the company whether they are ready for the work the organization will ask of them.

Onboarding New Employees

The recruitment process does not end when the worker starts on their first day. A talent acquisition manager also needs to ensure that onboarding happens to make the change go as smoothly as possible. This may include supplying documents, making sure the hire signs contracts, and that they have all the software and hardware they need.

Good onboarding from a high-quality manager can set a positive tone for the employee, making their first few days that much easier.

Qualities of a Good Talent Acquisition Manager

To bring in workers with both the best hard and soft skills, a talent acquisition manager needs to show the following qualities in abundance. These can mean the difference between only filling seats and having the skills you need to succeed.

Strong Interpersonal Skills

The manager needs to not only build relationships with potential employees but also with internal teams. They need to understand and communicate the needs of the company, as well as listen to the needs of department heads and other stakeholders. This ensures the people they get in will be who are needed the most.

Knowledge of How to Leverage Data

Modern talent discovery leans heavily into using data analytics to ensure people can find the best candidates. As some roles might draw in hundreds, if not thousands, of applications, they cannot all be read by hand.

A good talent acquisition manager needs to know how to work with some level of automation as well as what data to look for. This will ensure they find high-quality candidates fast, no matter how many apply.

Adaptability to Difficult Situations

The world of recruitment is always changing, with new methods and technology always appearing. A good hirer needs to ensure they can adapt to larger changes in an industry, as well as sudden problems, such as candidates dropping out. This prevents bottlenecks in recruiting and ensures the acquisition of talent exactly when the company needs it.

Ethical and Inclusive Personal Compass

The modern workplace demands both diversity and inclusivity in hires, to create a creative and positive team dynamic. A talent acquisition manager needs to foster this, to ensure the company both follows legal hiring mandates as well as acts ethically.

Find the Best Talent Acquisition Manager For Your Needs

As you search for high-quality hires, you need to seek out a talent acquisition manager who can collaborate with you effectively. This will help you find high-quality candidates who will offer a high ROI for your business.

Here at Bradford Jacobs, we have the experience and skill to ensure we understand your needs. This can help to source you the best workers, no matter where you are in the world and what you need. So, send us a message to learn more about what we offer today.