Evan, a high-tech senior executive with years of experience and an impressive portfolio was discouraged by the hiring process. He had been searching for his dream job, when six months into searching, none were interested in interviewing him or even getting back to Evan about whether they would be accepting applications – the only thing Evan got back were some some automated messages informed them that his application had been received! We’ve seen how disappointing this is because recruitment experts know all too well just what can happen next: countless unanswered emails; phone calls going straight to voicemail – it’s not enough to just be motivated to send out your best effort each time, but one must also take care beforehand, so nothing falls through the cracks. You have to take care of the talent when it comes in, and not when it is convenient.

New recruitment cycles – nurturing talent

It’s no secret that finding talent is hard. But what if there were a way to find and recruit top-notch employees without having an extensive hiring process? What would you say then, eh!? Well, I’ve got some good news for all those HR professionals out there – we found their solution! This article will explore how international infrastructure technology can revolutionize recruitment by providing greater efficiency through transparency when recruiting candidates while also effectively managing data privacy concerns.

We need to rethink the recruiting process. The way it is now, with so many people going looking for jobs and not finding them or even getting rejected before they can start (because employers don’t want anything more than just a temporary worker who will be quitting soon anyway); this isn’t doing anyone any favours! 

We’ve come up with an innovative solution that might help solve these problems – plus it makes finding new talent easier on both sides of hiring: for the HR professionals (who should have better tools) AND employees. Bradford Jacobs has international expertise in finding and understanding the needs of modern talent and what they are looking for – our recruitment process guarantees that both HR departments and jobseekers will find their match with our services.

Out with the old

The old ways of recruiting are broken. They’re inefficient and at a major disadvantage because they fail to prioritise courting Top Talent, who has already made it clear that this type of approach isn’t good enough for them anymore.

Old recruitment cycles take too long – The delay in responding leaves candidates feeling neglected or ignored which ultimately leads back to more frustrated employees’ woes about their lack of engagement from employers. 

The modern employee is a demanding creature. They want to work in environments that are responsive, transparent and collaborative – but most importantly for them if their job application process can lead down this path of emotionally intelligent organizations who understand that the long-term survival strategies must include renovations of the recruiting processes. Those that didn’t become outdated or neglectful, as was seen with many companies during The Great Resignation.

“The Great Resignation” spoke volumes about how businesses were failing because leaders did not have good coping skills themselves.

Recruitment – a collaboration between HR & Management

HR departments are currently tasked with hiring and recruitment. However, as Roberta Matuson from Evergreen Talent once said, “hiring should be put back where it needs to – in the hands of hiring managers.” The limited capacity of HR leaders is unrealistic when they’re dealing not only two-plus years’ worth of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as its aftermath.

HR is busy enough as it is without having to manage the hiring process. Managers can enlist their teams in proactive sourcing, screening, and interviewing qualified people so that HR doesn’t have to do all of this work! 

When managers take on more of a leadership role by acting as brand ambassadors for job candidates who reach out through traditional channels (e-mail inboxes are not uncommon), then things will only get better – both internally with happier employees looking forward towards future opportunities, and externally on recruitment front because through a number of advertising options such as newspaper classifieds, social media, etc.

At Bradford Jacobs, our Global Talent Acquisition Services include constant collaboration with your managers and company departments, to ensure that the best talent is found and nurtured for your company’s requirements.

Recruitment, Branding & Company Culture

So how does one judge the culture of a company when they have so little interaction? As “Evan” experienced first-hand, human connection isn’t often part of recruiting. Many use an applicant tracking system (ATS). These days ATSs can be your first interaction with employers and it’s cumbersome-long online applications help them collect information that hiring managers need but from workers’ perspectives not so much!

It’s not uncommon for employers to use an ATS when they are looking at hiring new candidates. However, these systems can be poor talent selectors and often screen out capable people due to their technical limitations as well! For companies that want top-notch employees-the best way would perhaps involve limiting or replacing interactions with your applications.

Companies need to ensure they stand out in the hiring process and appeal with branding. Some companies, such as Disney or Netflix, for example, are able to speak heartily about their brand, while others pride themselves on being reliable employers like Amazon and FedEx.

What does this mean? It means that when you’re looking at new staff members, there is always room for improvement by making sure that everything from your website design down to how people interact feels authentic and relative – this is not just for what’s behind closed doors but also including any video content shared across social media channels, so prospective candidates never feel mislead no matter why they come here!

But the reality is that not every company has brand recognition like Google or Apple. This means it can be worth brainstorming other ways to express your diversity, equity and inclusion efforts in order to attract today’s talent who are looking for more than just a paycheck; they want an environment where their voice matters too!

Tips & Next Steps – Use Recruitment Platforms like Bradford Jacobs

Managers should brainstorm ways to reach out and hire employees who have been overlooked by traditional recruitment methods. One way is tapping non-traditional candidates like Evan (a professional road racing expert) because they may be more loyal than others, giving you a reward when faced with unfair rejections later on down the line!

Ghosting on job interviews is a huge issue that candidates have been putting up with for years. Candidates want the selection criteria, compensation and working arrangement of their prospective company spelled out upfront so they can make an informed decision before applying to work there – but this decade-long trend continues because companies don’t offer feedback or respond well when applicants ask questions about what will happen after submitting your resume!

If you are looking to fill a job opening, it is important that the process of recruitment does not take too long. The hiring agency should create an enjoyable experience for both parties involved in order attract top talent and reach your goal as quickly possible so there isn’t any unnecessary frustration on either side of this deal!

The way you approach hiring will define your company’s reputation. Stand out by streamlining the process and connecting with candidates on every level, from their interests in becoming an employee to why they left previous employers – all while showcasing what makes it great for this generation of jobseekers! 

All of this and more can be done by partnering with international talent acquisition specialists like Bradford Jacobs – our global infrastructure and access to a global talent pool not only provides you with resources and reach, but our team is ready to collaborate with you every step of the way. For more information, you can contact one of our consultants today, or find out more about our global talent acquisition or recruitment process outsourcing services!