As of 1 October, a new law will require that all employers meet their employees in person before they can start working*. It’s important for business owners to ensure proper documentation is kept dating back two years after an employee’s exit date so there isn’t any uncertainty about what was done when filling out applications with government agencies like IDSPs (Identity Service Providers).

While digital checks were first introduced on 6 April 2022, candidates will no longer be able to send their right-to work documents via email. This method was brought in as a temporary measure during pandemic lockdowns and is now being removed because of its ease towards manipulation by applicants. It also brings about increased data security with greater protection against fraud, which reduces HR resource dedication for GDPR adherence and more efficient onboarding.

The list of potential consequences for getting digital right to work checks wrong is worrying. If businesses don’t take action before the October deadline, there will be negative impacts such as the inability to obtain credit or having company directors disqualified. Other risks include unwanted media attention due in part by how this new process affects staff wellbeing.

With just 12 working days left until the changes, employers should start putting processes in place immediately to access benefits. Keith Rosser said that HR Magazine’s recent survey shows one- fourth (25%) are not ready for these protocols while 10% do not understand them fully – so now is definitely time get your business up and running with new digital service offerings! The director at Reed Screening says job seekers have been able complete checks remotely under three minutes which makes it easy as pie when you’re trying make sure everyone has what they need before change happens on Monday morning. Though the digital service does come at a cost this can be offset through the efficiency benefits.”

Find out more about the UK’s digital RTW checks here or get in touch with us to ensure you compliantly hire within the UK

*These changes apply to British and Irish Citizens, for other applicants, the Home Office operates an online Right to Work Checking Service