Did you know that, according to Investopedia, developed countries like Japan, the United States, and those within Western Europe that are major economic forces have financial markets that are well-established and infrastructure that are conducive to the success and operation of multinational corporations?

Whether you’re planning on making your business a multinational corporation (MNC), or you’re looking to hire employees globally, something you might be wondering about is Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

This is a hiring solution that you think might be of use to you, but you might not be sure. How do you know if it’s right for you? Not knowing this can be stressful.

Fortunately, in this article, we’ll review what recruitment process outsourcing is and how it works.

Finally, you can use a method that gets you the best employees for your company, making your company more successful. Read on to learn more.

What Recruitment Process Outsourcing Is

If you’ve been asking yourself the question, “What is recruitment process outsourcing?” we’ll answer that question now. This is a process where you’re outsourcing your recruitment efforts. Sometimes, this replaces your internal recruitment processes entirely, but sometimes only in part.

When you do this, an RPO specialist will be owning and managing the recruitment process. There are four different types of recruitment outsourcing services, which we’ll cover now.

Project RPO

When recruitment process outsourcing companies engage in project RPO, they’re handling the process end-to-end. They deploy the process quickly to fulfill staffing needs that were unexpected by the company that has hired them—or for a single project.

For example, if you’re hiring a new digital transformation or sales team, they can handle the process for you.

End-To-End RPO

With end-to-end RPO, the RPO provider will handle all hiring services of permanent employees. This might be for a global enterprise, a single market, or a single division. In addition to hiring services, the RPO will handle technology services.

On-Demand RPO

When recruitment outsourcing companies employ on-demand RPO, recruiters from that company will join the team of their client to attract and hire talent quickly for that client. This works similarly to project RPO but is even more short-term.

Hybrid RPO

Finally, there’s the hybrid RPO option. When a recruitment process outsourcing company uses it, they split the responsibilities of the recruitment process with their clients. If you’re looking for a more flexible solution regarding which positions you outsource and which ones you don’t, this can be a good solution.

How Recruitment Process Outsourcing Works

Top recruitment process outsourcing companies will integrate the RPO process into your business. While doing this, they’ll also fine-tune the recruiting process you have in place and build upon your company culture.

This way, they can identify candidates who are both high-quality and a great fit. But how does the process work, exactly? We’ll review this now.

Workforce Planning

By using talent analytics, RPO companies can evaluate the supply and demand of talent, as well as what market compensation looks like, by geography, role, and department. When the RPO company partners with yours, they can create a workforce strategy and plan.

This means that, if necessary, they can help you forecast workforce trends that will come up in the future.


An RPO provider will develop a targeted sourcing strategy to address a specific function or industry’s needs. This strategy might include recruitment messaging, talent analytics, and talent advisory solutions (like employer branding).

It might also include predictive analytics, screening/assessment, talent pipelining, and recruitment marketing.


When you hire an RPO company, they’ll also complete the screening step, being rigorous about it. The screening methods might include interviews, personality and behaviour evaluations, and skill assessments. As a result, you’ll end up with candidates who would be:

  • A good fit for the position
  • A good fit for your company

The RPO company will also screen candidates to ensure that they’re a good match in terms of cultural fit. This way, the candidate you end up choosing from the candidate pool will feel that they fit within your company’s culture when/if you’ve hired them.

Recruiting and Offer Management

An RPO company will also recruit active and passive candidates so they can find the best person to fill the position. They’ll act as a brand representative for your company. This means they’ll promote a brand message that’s consistent, schedule interviews, and handle salary negotiations.

They’ll also maintain tight quality control during the recruitment process.


Finally, RPO companies will remain accountable to you through reporting. To do this, they’ll provide you with regular analysis of their recruiting metrics. These might include conversion rates that come from the recruiting process, productivity, retention rates, time to fill, and cost per hire.

This way, you can be sure that you’re getting what you want from the RPO company you’re working with.

Need More Information?

Now that you’ve learned about what recruitment process outsourcing is and how it works, you might want more information. Maybe you want to learn more about recruitment process outsourcing software or services solutions, for example.

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