The commitment to remote work for the long term is proof that companies are looking beyond physical offices as they continue investing in new ways of working. What does this mean for you? The talent pool has grown into something truly compelling – now it is time to make sure your team can thrive too!

There are three phases of organizations as they develop a hybrid workforce. The structure helps you move your initiatives from ad hoc to strategic with tools at each phase that can build unique strategies for success in the new world order of working where people are simultaneously employees and independent contractors!

The changing economy and shifting demographics have distributed talent.

This presents an opportunity to work strategically and drive growth for organizations – according to recent studies, over 48% of employees plan to continue their remote job status post COVID-19 while just under 50 percent are anticipated by 2023 due COVID’s effect upon global trends which were already underway before. Technological advancements accelerated innovation across all industries, resulting in (among other things) increased automation levels, are leading people away from traditional 9 – 5 jobs model towards freelance careers, working remotely or hybrid working models.

The on-demand talent program model is a flexible and efficient way to structure your workforce. This approach allows companies the ability of scaling up or down with precision, security, control over their workforces while maintaining financial flexibility in an ever-changing market environment where every company has diverse needs at any given time. 

The benefits associated with this type of outsourcing job description are many, including reduced costs from hiring fulltime staff members; increased productivity due largely from being able move quickly between tasks when needed; and no long-term commitments, which means you can react much quicker than if someone was hired specifically just for one task – so there will always be people waiting around, ready for action.

The future of work is digital, and companies are taking notice.

More than half (57%) plan to rely heavily on or moderately on digital outsourcing in the next five years with 11% expects full reliance by 2028. This trend can be attributed largely due to increased awareness about how these platforms may impact an organization’s strategic core values such as talent management practices: filling skills gaps quickly through automation while also developing long term plans that focus less exclusively on inward operations.

The future of work is here, and it is changing how we do business. The on-demand workforce has been growing in popularity for years now. Major corporations like Amazon adopting this model across different departments because they know that flexible hiring will allow their employees more time away from their desk, which ultimately improves productivity as well increased morale among staff members. Say goodbye to constant worries about where you’ll be when needed next, changing shift times, or inclement weather conditions outside working hours. 

Don’t be left behind – start your Hybrid journey now

At Bradford Jacobs, we take global expansion and the setting up of fully remote and hybrid teams very seriously! We believe that a truly global company does not need a physical entity in their new markets. Find out how you can mobilise a truly remote workforce by contacting our team of expert consultants here