The pandemic led to an unexpected rise in the demand for tech talent, causing a shift from traditional hiring procedures. Remote recruitment offers numerous advantages, as businesses can recruit talented individuals regardless of geographical location while saving money on operational costs and with no hassles related to scheduling conflicts.

However, many recruiters are still hesitant about taking this step. How do you source and attract quality tech candidates from around the world without meeting them in person? To help ease these concerns, here is what one should consider when trying to hire top tech talent remotely.

Create Engaging Job Profiles.

When searching to hire top tech talent remotely, start by crafting an engaging job description that accurately reflects the roles and responsibilities. When creating these posts, explain the ‘why’ and ‘what’ of the position. Job descriptions should be comprehensive, so potential hires get all their questions answered before applying.

While LinkedIn and Indeed are some of the go-to posting sites, remember about specialised websites too. Stack Overflow or Wellfound host many talented candidates!

Blog your Vacancies.

Get ahead of the competition by creating a job-posting blog to engage potential hires! You can share industry insights, such as essential interview questions or best practices when hiring temporary workers.

Additionally, tools like online forms and social media platforms make it easy to connect with great candidates quickly — look at best practices and success stories, for example, how Accenture, IBM and Infosys have implemented their successful tech talent networks.

Use One-Way Video Interviewing and Digital Assessments.

Traditional methods, which were often long-winded or biased, are long gone. Remote hiring has revolutionised the recruitment process, with online assessment tests and interviews now at the forefront!

With one-way video interviews, recruiters and top tech talent can connect without being in the same room or time zone. These digital interviews make it much more convenient as they facilitate objectivity, are cost-effective and more straightforward for the candidate. They are an advantageous way for recruiters to meet and ultimately hire top tech talent remotely.

Digital assessments such as coding simulations, whiteboards and Google forms create easy-to-use platforms for different recruitment processes, while video chatting apps like Skype, Zoom, and Duo provide a facsimile of face-to-face interaction.

Look for Particular Soft Skills.

Working remotely requires unique skills to be successful. Consider assessing potential candidates for the ability to manage their time, efficiently plan and prioritise tasks, and respect deadlines without fail – all critical components of success in a remote work setting!
Working remotely also requires stellar communication abilities and the capacity to switch off at the end of a workday.

But how can you assess those skills during interviews? Ask your potential hires about their experiences in certain situations – this will give insights into how well they communicate with others, organise their work or manage their time.

Additionally, ask your interviewee questions that reveal if they struggle to disconnect after working hours! Ensure there will be no burnout by assessing each candidate’s methods for achieving a life-work balance before onboarding new team members.

Map your Market.

Companies looking to hire top tech talent remotely should consider mapping the market and targeting talent pools depending on specific sourced skills.

Latin America

The region offers access to an experienced and cost-effective remote workforce. Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Colombia are all popular destinations offering talented programmers with expertise in web and mobile development technologies like Java or C++. The Global Skills Report 2021 notes that Argentinian developers excel at data analysis while the Mexican specialist’s hourly rate is as low as $50 per hour.

Eastern Europe

It is home to top-notch development skills and English proficiency. Countries such as Poland (ranked 3rd by Hacker Rank) can offer outstanding Java, Python and C++ developers. Meanwhile, Ukraine is a leading global destination for outsourcing, making it an ideal option if you’re looking for quality deliverables at reasonable prices.

Western Europe

Portugal is rising as the next leader in software engineering with its skilled developers and cost-effective programming services. Portuguese programmers are also renowned for their communication abilities, which make it an excellent destination for outsourcing remote projects.


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