Worldwide, over 15% of existing companies are fully remote, without owning a single premise. These businesses go through the same processes as any other, although they do not concern themselves with the ins and outs of the physical office. Although, if you are in such a situation, how do you bring new people in?

If you are wondering how to develop your business if it is remote only, then the following should help. We have found all the info you need on not only why you should expand your remote organisation but also how to do it without causing harm to your bottom line.

Why Expand Your Remote Business?

As your business starts to increase, it can be challenging to work out if you should limit your output or continue to expand your business. After all, business growth comes with issues that you must solve. On top of that, brand growth can make you the target of larger companies in the same market.

In truth, though, as a remote business, you have some significant advantages over those returning to the office. First, you will find that your lack of office space means you do not have anywhere near the same amount of overhead. You will also find it much easier to find employees who want that flexibility, helping you hire from a larger pool of potential colleagues.

Still, it is essential to understand the steps you should take to make such an expansion as frictionless as possible.

Consider Hiring Internationally

As a remote business, you can start considering hiring people from much further away. It does not only mean within your country, either. You can consider picking up new employees from whole other countries.

If you consider Global Expansion, remember that you must understand the other location’s local laws. It may be the case that you need to offer specific incentives, bonuses, or other benefits. Or, you might need to understand characteristic hiring processes that the local legislature considers fair.

For that reason, you might want to think about trying to use an international hiring firm. Such a group can advise on where it would be best to hire from. At the same time, they can navigate the treacherous waters of international agreements.

This option can save your company money long-term and prevent you from looking for the right person to hire for too long.

Empower Your Employee’s Workspaces

Try to help those who work for you to find a workspace that matches their needs. While at home, this can be harder, but there are still options for many people working out of their own office.

First of all, try to make sure that everyone is comfortable. While this might seems strange, inquire with each of your employees and see if they need better seats. If they do not have a dedicated computer seat that helps with their posture, try to assist them in finding something and put a budget aside for it if you can.

You can also look into investing in a spare monitor or laptop riser for anyone working from home. It will prevent neck and back problems moving forward. It will also help create a sense of a dedicated workspace, helping that employee concentrate on their work.

Ensure Your Connections are Secure

One thing you will need to consider when working with more people remotely is the security of all your hardware. Between different computers, mainly home PCs, you might find that you do not have a secure way to transfer files or documents. You might also need to find a way to connect to computers that are not in the same room or external servers.

One option for using remote computers is to make use of a VPN. This method empowers two people on a public connection to create a private network like one in an office.

You can use a VPN for many different reasons. First of all, you can use it to access an external computer. So, one could set up a virtual desktop on a remote server and then access it to perform all your work functions, ensuring an extra layer of security.

You could also use a VPN as a remote file-sharing site. By logging into it, you can place files your colleagues can access and vice versa. It can be a lifesaver if you work with shared files a lot that must be in a specific format.

Find Good Collaboration Tools

When engaging in global business, you should empower yourself and your colleagues to work together. It would help if you had visibility of the same tasks whenever possible.

Sometimes working together involves sharing files, as with the VPN mentioned above. At other times, you will need clear information about the work you are doing.

Collaboration tools help everyone track the work that all team members are doing at any time. It can help you move forward with oversight where it needs to happen. Also, you can more easily retrospect what has occurred at the end of every working cycle.

Everyone needs to buy into such collaboration tools, but you must use them should you want to see how you are doing in the grand scheme of things.

More Info on How to Expand Your Business

With the above information on company growth, you should have a better idea of expanding your business while remote. Still, you might need a little bit of a leg up when it comes to hiring for a remote position. For that reason, you should speak to us about what we provide.

We can provide you with advice and talent acquisition opportunities for your country and worldwide. All you need to do is get in touch. So, pick up the phone today, and together we can find out what we can do for you.