Like many other historic European cities, Venice has been greatly impacted by the pandemic and its effects on travelling and tourism. Venice was heavily dependent on tourism, with millions of people contributing to its economy pre-pandemic.

However, like many other European tourist-dependent centres, residents and local leaders are looking for ways to develop a sustainable economy – one that attracts international investors, repurposes its historic buildings, and expands the capabilities of its young graduates and expats.

This is why, on the trail of other countries in Europe, the city leaders are looking into the opportunities that remote workers can bring to the city – which is what led to the creation of the Venywhere project.

Launched in December 2021 by the Università Ca’ Foscari and the Fondazione di Venezia (a non-profit group that focuses on protecting Venice’s cultural heritage), Venywhere aims to persuade people that can do their jobs from anywhere that they can happily do so when they reside in Venice.

This project is designed specifically with freelancers and remote workers in mind; however, they also want to entice companies that are willing to send teams temporarily to Venice, in hopes of encouraging further investment in the city.

What makes Venywhere stand out particularly is that digital nomads or remote workers who want to move to Venice will only have to pay a one-time fee to access a concierge service to help ease them into Venetian life.  

This platform promises to help newcomers to Venice with navigating the city’s oddities, with its concierge services including, but not limited to –

  • viewing apartments on their behalf
  • help with access to the healthcare system
  • registering for residency/tax
  • getting a SIM card
  • guidance on local cultural amenities
  • suggestions for language lessons
  • providing workspace connections
  • guidance on where to shop and other main amenities

The founders of this project also believe that the city is the perfect place to experiment with new ways to work. One of the hopes for this project is to rejuvenate Venice with a large influx of young professionals – which is currently only around 50,000 people, a staggering difference from close to 175,000 in the 1950s.

For new graduates who do not want to contribute to the tourist industry, building a career in Venice can be challenging. However, with projects like Venywhere, this can change.

When it comes to where these professionals can work, the project has also proposed to repurpose a number of historic buildings, in order to scatter workers across the city and encourage further integration.

Project leaders are also discussing the development of a remote worker’s visa for Italy with the foreign ministry, which could attract more non-EU residents that would like to experience remote working. There is currently only a Self-Employment Visa, but you should watch this page for any visa updates.

This project is still currently still in development, but if you are interested in making a move to countries or popular historical and cultural centres, then working with an Employer of Record like Bradford Jacobs could be for you.

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