If you are looking to explode your startup to meet the global demands of the market, this means preparing for scaling. Not only that, but you will also need to hire global talent. This is a good problem to have!

According to the Undercover Recruiter, 45% of today’s job seekers will look for opportunities on their mobile devices daily. When a job seeker checks out your career pages, 54% will read reviews from employees. There is plenty of opportunities to find really exceptional talent when you search on a global scale.

While hiring an international workforce may seem like a complicated task, it can be much easier than you think. You need to know what methods work, which a good international recruitment service can help you achieve.  

Ready for scaling globally? Keep reading this article and all will be revealed.

What Is Global Talent Acquisition?

This terminology refers to tactics, strategies, and processes to identify, recruit, and retain human talent on a global scale that companies require to operate their business. You can find talent from any of the 195 countries in the world to work for a company that is located anywhere else on the globe.

This includes implementing, developing, and evaluating such programs to recruit, source, hire, and orient amazing global talent.

Planning Your Workforce

Before you create new job descriptions, it helps to perform some workforce planning. You want to assess both your current needs and your needs for the future. This means considering factors such as:

  • Business competition
  • Economic conditions
  • Government influence
  • Workforce demographics

The goals of workforce planning include addressing inefficiencies, adapting to changes, enhancing quality, improving retention, and developing talent.

Benefits of Global Talent Acquisition

With hiring, there has never been a better time to think globally. International markets help companies who wish to expand their business. Much of the world is seeking to move their business online, which leads to endless opportunities to hire global talent.

A Vast Talent Pool

The primary benefit to global Talent Acquisition is that you can expand your talent pool to the fullest range possible. Limiting your pool by location can also limit you to finding talent that may not have the niche experience and skills you were hoping to find. In fact, when you do not open your search to find the best talent in the world, you are only doing your company a disservice.

Diversity Enrichment

Diversity matters in business. It pays dividends to recruit people all over the world from all walks of life.

A recent McKinsey & Company study reveals that companies with a gender-diverse executive team are 25% more likely to have their organization’s profitability be “better-than-average.” Plus, when a company employs strong DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) measures, they are 2.6 times more likely to have employee engagement increase, improving their employee retention.

When you hire internationally, you are showing employees, contractors, partners, and your customers that you value workplace diversity. When you embrace new ideas and show that you promote inclusion, you can cultivate a positive brand perception. This makes your organization more desirable to work for.

Improves Productivity

When you employ people from across the globe, you have people who work across all the time zones. This makes your team able to work around the clock literally. Global talent acquisition is a way to build a business with an uninterrupted workflow.

Items for Consideration

Before you attract overseas talent, you want to ensure you have a job description that clearly defines the role. Along with your job description, you must have expectations, qualifications, a range of pay, and benefits. The more you can paint an accurate picture of the job, the better the chances are that you can attract the right talent for the opportunity.

Cultural Expectations

There are cultural implications too when you hire from different countries. Some countries may expect supplemental benefits. It is good to do your research for other countries and see what job seekers expect, to ensure that you can be competitive in that region of the world.

Each country may have an associated etiquette for interviewing. There may be questions that are okay to ask and expected, while other countries would find them offensive or illegal. You want to be aware of each country’s policies for interviewing.

What the Global Workforce Wants

When the pandemic happened, there was a massive turnover. Workers have realigned their values now. They are looking for work-life balance, opting for remote work when possible.

This may never change, so if you can hire a remote workforce, you can be competitive as a global employer.

Global PEO Services

A Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) is a way to outsource human resources. You also refer to it as co-employment. The PEO will perform a variety of tasks related to employee administration, like payroll and benefits.

When you work with global PEO services, this is a professional employer organization that will manage HR, payroll, and benefits for an organization that has employees in more than one country. Hiring employees internationally has many benefits, but it also comes with challenges.

Partnering with a PEO to help with an international workforce overcomes obstacles and challenges that an employer may face on their own. It takes away barriers, leaving an open road to success.

Scaling With an International Recruitment Service

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