Looking to strengthen your company with the best global staff, but don’t know how to streamline employee screenings? You are in the right place.

PEO services offer companies the opportunity to focus on business measures while it focuses on HR matters. A PEO service is a Professional Employer Organization. 

A company can hire a PEO service for a multitude of reasons. PEOs help hire employees globally, they take over all HR and payroll services, and they recruit talent and employees.

PEOs provide employee screenings before hire which can help strengthen startups and businesses looking to grow in other countries.

Our company, Bradford Jacobs offers global PEO services to best assist the growth and Global Expansion of your company. Read on because this article will highlight all the benefits of employee screening. 

What Is Employee Screening?

An employee screening occurs before you are hired. As a part of pre-employment, screenings can include background checks, drug tests, skill tests, or, in some instances, polygraph tests. 

Employers utilize these screenings to detect what kind of person they might hire. If you want to go into a law enforcement career, but have a criminal history, you probably will not be selected for the job. 

Some factors that can affect your screening results are social media, inaccuracies, or references not expecting a call. 

Sometimes we don’t always post the most professional pictures or quotes on social media. You might not understand the importance of this when you post, but when jobs search your name, they are able to see your profiles, granting they are public. Just keep that in mind next time you want to post something that may not pass in a professional setting. 

Inaccuracies occur. Sometimes statements get incorrectly filed and sometimes the workers who handle filing mess up. Make sure you let your possible employer know if anything is odd about your history. Be transparent with them and they will appreciate the honesty. 

When you go for pre-employment screening, usually the possible employer asks for some references. You can give three references who know you well, but if they are not prepared for a call, they might not make put thought into what they say on the phone.  This is an easy fix, though. Just make sure you and your references are prepared. 

Benefits of Global PEOs

Among all the responsibilities of PEOs, one of the most important to your business is talent acquisition. PEOs have the ability to staff your company and global PEOs can do so across the world. 

Global PEOs specialize in understanding international laws and policies, making it easy for them to navigate talent across the world. PEOs search and search for probable employees and when they find talent, they can screen them to further the hiring process. 

Since PEOs focus only on HR matters, they know what to look for when it comes to future hires. Through employee screenings, the PEOs can handle the pre-employment side of the business while you focus on cultivating your business model.

Each PEO operates out of a host country. This host country usually dwells in the same country as its co-employees. So, if you have a company that runs out of the US, the PEO company you choose to partner with, probably also lives in the US. 

This matters because global PEOs can operate out of one country, and have the power to expand your business to other countries around the world. 

If the PEO does not live in the same country, your company will be partnered with a branch of their company that resides in the same place as your company. 

Global PEOs circumnavigate difficulties that arise when you try to form a separate entity to run a business out of a different country. Instead of starting a new enterprise, PEOs handle everything for you. 

Company Growth  

By utilising a global PEO, companies’ retention and expansion rates multiply. Think about it. If a local company tries to grow its staff and clientele by word of mouth, it will only reach the local level. 

When PEOs step in, they use their global access to help your business and the company has the ability to grow tremendously in staffing, clientele, and diversity. 

Having a global reach opens up money markets in other countries and interests from other places. 

Say you live in Canada and sell purses. Your Canadian customers might love the product, but eventually, customers grow bored and look for a different product. 

Opening up shop in France could skyrocket your earnings and increase your audience. Customers in France now know about this amazing Canadian purse and tell their friends and family in other countries. 

Using global PEOs also opens opportunities for diverse employees. If you only hire those who live in one area in Canada, you probably don’t have a very diverse crew. However, global PEOs know how to navigate global networking companies to acquire talent all across the globe. 

Different time zones can mean a 24-hour work schedule. Someone in England might work a 9-5 day, but England’s 9-5 in America is 4 a.m. to 1 p.m. Employing workers in different countries leads to more success because the company never closes!

Streamline Employee Screening 

Businesses just starting out might not resort to employee screening because they need to staff their establishment. If a new business starts screening its possible employees, they might not know what to look for, it limits time spent on the actual business, inhibits growth, and can be costly.

Once you partner with a PEO, you will never have to worry about staffing or employee screening measures again. In fact, global PEOs know exactly how to streamline employee screenings so companies can focus on their product.

PEOs find top talent through the use of global networks. These sites also show in-demand markets that best benefit company expansion.  

Invest in a Global PEO Service Today

Global PEO services benefit the remote working world by hiring employees globally, taking over HR and payroll services, and expanding company growth. 

Global PEO services handle employee screenings to staff your company with the best global talent out there while your business expands.

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