If you are looking to travel abroad for longer than usual, the best way is with a Spanish visa. The required documents can be daunting but if done correctly they will give your application an extra boost in getting approved by authorities and shorten wait times!

If applying from within Spain itself – make sure all necessary paperwork has been submitted early on so there are no delays when going through interviews at airports or border crossings because these things happen quickly without warning (just like how long lines may grow). One mistake that people often overlook is? forgetting their photo ID card while filling out forms online. Here is a full list of documents required for a Spanish visa application:

  • Visa Application Form.
  • Two biometric photos.
  • Your passport.
  • Copies of passport pages with info.
  • Flight reservation.
  • Proof of accommodation.
  • Medical Insurance.
  • Medical Certificate.
  • Proof of Sufficient Financial Means.

The Spanish visa application form is a two-step process. First, complete the short stay version and then sign it at the end of your answers to all questions on that page for them to be accepted by immigration officials as legitimate grounds enough to accept you into their country temporarily while travelling or visiting friends/family there; however, if any information given doesn’t match what’s found elsewhere within this document (such as name), then an error will most likely occur during processing leading back down another path where applicants must start over again with new paperwork filled out correctly before resubmitting yet another.

Don’t forget your passport

Make sure your passport is up-to-date and valid for another three months. You’ll also need a copy of all pages that contain information, including two main ones with visas on them as well as the unused visa sticker/stamp from when you last applied in Spain or any other country where this documentation has been issued (or studied).

Flight and Accommodation

To apply for a Spain visa, you need to show proof of the dates when planning on travelling and then leaving. This can be done by filling out an application at least 10 days before your departure or having confirmation from someone who has already travelled that they will host you during their stay in Spain (ie: a friend/family member). Another requirement is providing evidence where it says “accommodation.” Anyone listed below could work as alternate options depending upon what type applies most urgently!

Any of the following can be presented as proof of accommodation:

  • Hotel booking. Submit a booking that contains your name, the dates of stay, and the details of the hotel.
  • Invitation letter. If you will be staying over with friends or family members living in Spain, submit a letter invitation from your inviter in Spain stating their details (address, contact details, intended period of stay, etc.). Note that photocopy is not acceptable! You can still submit a coloured print.
  • Rental agreement. If you will be renting a place for your stay in Spain, you should submit proof of that. You need to present the rental agreement with the owner of the premises. The document must state the area of the place you are renting, the address and the owner’s details.

Medical and Finance

To be eligible to travel abroad with a Spanish Visa, you must first have the appropriate amount of money. According to the European Commission’s recommendation (and according to visa requirements), this ensures that applicants maintain enough funds for their entire stay up until 10 days -which is equivalent in value to 90%of gross national minimum wage or 573 € per day- whichever comes first; these amounts are required when applying at an embassy/ consulate

“You need evidence that proves how much cash You’ve got on hand.”

You could prove you have this money, by presenting your bank account statements to the consulate. If someone else is going to finance your trip you should submit a letter of support by this person, in which they explain why and how are they going to support you. They should submit their bank statements alongside the letter. Proof of sufficient financial means can be:

  • Rental income, if you have any properties that you rent out.
  • Job contract showing your salary, for employment.
  • Income from your business, if you are self-employed.
  • Scholarship confirmation that shows the amount you will receive, for students.
  • Pension statements, for retired persons, etc.

If you’re thinking about visiting Spain, be sure to check out our section on the website for information on visa requirements. You’ll need a lot of documents if applying as an independent traveller or with children under 18 years old– but don’t worry! They have great customer service representatives who are happy to help guide you through every step in getting your paperwork submitted correctly so it can be processed quickly and efficiently.

The Rain in Spain is a well-known fact, but many people don’t know what to expect when visiting. Make sure that you’re prepared for anything by collecting all necessary documents and submitting them to an office near your destination!