The pandemic has transformed the economy, introducing many businesses to the digital space, and resulting in an unprecedented demand for Top Tech Talent. The iGaming industry is no different, as the sector is booming. iGaming companies in need of skillsets like programming, software development, cyber security, or infrastructure data engineering do not only compete against each other for top tech talent but against global titans like Amazon or Google too.

To make roles more attractive and have the best chance at success in this competitive war over top tech talent, employers must go beyond offering simply better salaries. Companies adopting a talent-first approach when planning their hiring strategy will likely have more chances to secure the best Top Tech Talent than those only reacting to new trends. Read on for tips on how to attract Top Tech Talent in iGaming.

1. Map your Market

To attract top tech talent in iGaming, companies must consider the competition level and available technologies when looking for the ideal talent pool. For example, if Java is your technology of choice, Tallinn could be a better option than Sofia due to its comparatively lower competitiveness. Additionally, it’s essential to consider whether setting up shop in established gaming hubs is necessary – new locations may provide access to crucial tech without attracting competitors’ attention!

Of course, budgeting according to the local wage rates should also factor into your decision-making process. European tech talent is more in demand than ever. US companies are cashing in on Europe’s tech talent pool, taking advantage of the relaxed taxation, free movement of people and large consumer market. Therefore, with just one year’s experience, European developers can expect a 10-15% salary bump over the average. Major cities like London, Hamburg, Berlin, and Munich offer some of the highest salaries in Europe.

2. Invest in a DEI Strategy

As we enter 2023, diversity and inclusion efforts are more crucial than ever – especially when attracting top tech talent in iGaming! Companies that have openly declared their ambition to create a diverse workplace have seen a tremendous increase of 200% in attracting top tech talent.

To ensure your company’s DEI strategy is as effective as possible, honestly evaluate where you stand now. Investing in workplace inclusion and actively looking beyond degree qualifications are crucial to creating a more inclusive recruitment environment.

Consider experience, skillsets, and how your candidates perform in interviews instead of relying solely on traditional education markers. With an open mindset when reviewing CVs, you can provide exciting opportunities for underrepresented talent.

3. Invest in your Talent’s Development

Attracting top talent and achieving employee retention isn’t just about salary! Attract top tech talent in iGaming and keep them engaged and excited by providing them with clear pathways to grow their skillset. Offer training or development opportunities, such as workshops or courses, to equip employees for the next level in their career path. Promote an environment that values hard work. Investing in developing your team’s skills is a sure-fire way to unlock their true potential.

Partner with experienced providers and give your talent access to training opportunities, such as coding languages or digital design tools, and non-technical soft skills like leadership strategies and public speaking. Show prospective hires that you’re committed to fostering an environment conducive to growth – this will be very attractive when they consider joining your company.

4. Invest in your Company’s Culture

Investing in mission and culture is the key to creating a lasting impact on your employees, thus engaging them. Employees want more than just high pay; they strive to feel inspired by their work, knowing that it’s making an impact – after all, we spend most of our time at work!

To ensure success for both parties, define goals as a company: what are you striving towards? How does your team contribute positively to society? This should become part of recruitment practices and day–to–day operations, from employee onboarding programs to recognition initiatives.

Actively investing in how passionate people can be about their job role will benefit employers with increased loyalty over time.

5. Offer Competitive Wages and Flexibility

Tech talent searching for mid-level roles such as software engineers, data scientists or web developers have more options than ever, allowing them to get better compensation packages tailored to their skill set.

As they know their worth, companies must consider offering competitive salaries, benefits, and flexible working hours if they wish to stand out! The 2022 iGaming Salary Survey revealed that pay is rising in the iGaming industry at an average of 12.5-16% increase for leadership roles!

To meet the demands of today’s job market—and expand their geographical reach—the most successful employers would adapt to fully remote models that allow access to a global tech talent pool. Remote jobs have proven particularly attractive to tech candidates, and working from home pays just as much or sometimes more than traditional onsite positions.

6. Offer Competitive Perks and Benefits

As an employer, ensuring that your employees feel valued is essential. In addition to competitive salaries and wages, offering unique benefits can help attract top tech talent in iGaming. Ensure your employees and potential hires know you care about their well-being by providing excellent health insurance options and discounts at local gyms on top of flexible hours and remote options!

Even if these are only small gestures compared to what giant tech companies offer – potential candidates will appreciate knowing they’re being considered!

7. Optimise your Recruitment Processes

The job market has shifted towards quicker recruitment as competition to attract top tech talent in iGaming rises. Employers have adapted by introducing shorter interview processes, making it easier for applicants while allowing them to show off their skill set.

Now, even roles that typically require four or five interviews can be filled after just one – although two to three is the most common number of meetings needed.

8. Focus on Transparency and Communication

Don’t underestimate the power of good communication! When there’s a disconnect between team members and execs, it can take its toll on workplace morale.

Achieving better transparency helps build trust among co-workers, increasing loyalty and contributing to higher levels of motivation for existing personnel, plus greater chances of attracting top tech talent looking for more than just financial reward when seeking new job opportunities.

9. Utilise Talent Acquisition Marketing Solutions

To make the most of today’s competitive job market, employers must stand out and amplify their employer brand. Your company needs to show off its best features – attractive salaries and benefits packages, diverse advancement opportunities etc. Doing this effectively will ensure you attract tech talent who match your business goals.

Using social media is a great way of connecting with potential hires and engaging them, but when trying to attract top tech talent in iGaming, you also need to consider factors such as culture, values, and location, along with which platforms each candidate uses – all so you can develop tailored recruitment strategies!

Furthermore, monitoring prospects’ user behaviour patterns could provide further insights for better decision-making in this field. So don’t forget – use big data intelligence to unlock powerful hiring tools for attracting top tech talent.


With more and more companies joining the race to attract and secure top tech talent in iGaming, it’s essential to make sure you stand out. Bradford Jacobs are here to help; we provide tailored solutions and long-term Talent Acquisition Marketing strategies that’ll ensure exceptional employer branding and allow you to promote, attract, and position your iGaming business in front of top Talent while reducing your hiring costs! Discover how we can help – contact our consultants today!