Almost two-thirds of people who are already employed have been actively looking for new work in the year 2022. It is more important than ever to ensure you laser-focus your hiring and take only the best, most necessary steps to bring new people on. This way, you can ensure you advertise open positions in a way guaranteed to bring in the best applicants, though how do you do that?

This article acts as a checklist of how to advertise an open position in your company. By following its advice, you should learn some of the best tips to promote yourself as an excellent opportunity for new hires.

1. Create Video Content

92% of people online are watching video content these days, most of whom are millennials or younger. This means any marketing to them must follow a similar content strand.

This does not mean you should let any other type of informative content, such as blogs, fall behind. But you can focus on making videos promoting your company culture, achievements, or other information about you. People want to have a better idea of who you are as a company, and video can do that much better than text.

2. Focus on Your Brand

One of the things many potential employees want to know these days is what it is like to work for you. People want to work for a place they can emotionally invest in, and that is much easier when they believe in the vision of the location. Also, on an emotional level, people want to work for a place they know the face of.

Working with your marketing department, ensure your brand promotes what and who you are. Then, when advertising open positions, push that brand. People who want to be associated with you will start applying, saving you from needing to evangelize your identity to them further down the line.

3. Go to Job Fairs

One of the best marketing tips is to ensure you promote yourself at the biggest events in the industry. For most industries, this would be conventions and similar locations, though, for everyone, it should also be job fairs.

Job fairs are to those in need of a job what a hot dog stand is to a hoard of hungry people. You have a captive audience who all want to know more about who you are and what you can do for one another.

The only warning we would have is to make sure you have your sales hat on. You are still selling something to people, though what you sell is a career. You are competing not only within your own industry but also with every other company that attends the job fair.

4. Post to Job Sites

What kind of job marketing guide would we be if we did not encourage you to post the roles online? There are many online job sites available where you can put job adverts. So make good use of these as people can often subscribe to specific industries, hoping a job as yours comes along.

One of the best things about these sites, though, is they are not only related to your local area. In theory, anyone from across the world could see those job adverts and reach out to secure the role.

This gives you the largest potential group to appeal to, so you want to ensure your advert matches the others out there. Look at the job postings listed by your competitors or others both inside and outside your industry. Make sure what you offer is at least comparable or in advance of what they do.

5. Promote the Position in Local Media

As well as looking in distant areas, focus on your local surroundings. One of the benefits of hiring locally is you often do not need to worry about relocation time and costs. This means your new hire can get on board with the least hassle.

Local newspapers or radio often have space for you to promote your company in them. Local media also has better word-of-mouth potential, allowing your message to go further.

There is every possibility your local area has colleges or universities that specialize in your industry. Reach out to them and see if you can place a posting in their internal newspapers or on their intranet.

6. Try Billboards

If local small-scale media does not seem to work, go big. Buying up a billboard, especially in a popular location, will make you something people will talk about. This is also a major way to get people to notice you before they talk to others about what you are offering.

Some billboards might be in specific places where you want to advertise, too. These may be outside colleges or locations similar to those your employees frequent.

7. Use Social Media

If you do not leverage social media in the 21st century, you are falling far behind. People see business social media accounts as more like people than ever before.

Thus, with social media posts, you can put yourself out there in much more personalized ways than otherwise. You can use humor, current events, or even popular memes to promote yourself as a place where you want people to work. Although be aware this open platform does mean others can respond to you in a public way, so make sure you are sending the right message.

How to Advertise Open Positions

These tips should help you with your efforts to advertise open positions in both your local area and beyond. Though if you want to aim for a global brand and remote workers, you might need a bit of a helping hand going that extra mile. This is where we come in.

Our global expansion specialists can help you hire people from across the globe. Our experts are well-placed to offer support and advice in getting your global hiring practices off the ground. If you want to know more about how we can do that, all you need to do is get in touch today.