Finding top talent in Germany can be challenging, even though the country is known for its highly skilled workforce, far-reaching landscape and highly competitive market.

According to a recent report from Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, two studies conducted by the state development bank (KfW) and the German Economic Institute (IW) have revealed that nearly half of the businesses in Germany suffer from a talent shortage – up 100% since 2021!

Companies must act now if they want to mitigate this potential roadblock for future growth, and by following a few key steps, they can improve their chances of recruiting the best talent. Here are some key tips on how to find and attract top talent in Germany.

1. Use Social Media

Recruiting in Germany is much easier with the help of social media. Your job postings can reach a vast audience while encouraging two-way communication between yourself, potential candidates, or followers sharing your posts on their timelines.

Remember that the most popular channel to find and attract top talent in Germany is Xing, which is used by 75% of companies. LinkedIn also maintains its status as a global leader, but Facebook can be helpful if you want to stretch even more outreach to find top talent.

2. Speak the Language

To attract top German talent, posting your job ads in the native language is best. Germans may be fluent English speakers, but they won’t take kindly to being bombarded with more English-language content – and their response rates will reflect this!

To ensure success when recruiting abroad, it’s generally best practice to have someone on your team who speaks the local language and connects with potential candidates initially. Finding and attracting Top Talent in Germany is no different. If no one on your team can speak German fluently, a recruitment agency or local team is recommended for the best results.

Otherwise, investing time or resources into having a dedicated country manager that can build trust and rapport may be an asset for maximising recruitment efforts within this market!

3. Be Flexible

Remember, Germany is a big country across which talent is spread. Therefore, when sourcing potential hires in Germany, there are essential questions to consider, such as:

  • Is the talent willing to shift gears and move their career forward by relocating?
  • Have they lived away from home before – would closer proximity to family be an incentive?
  • Is a balance of at-home workdays with on-site or remote options possible?
  • If so, can commuting up 2 hours per day fit into that plan – or is it preferred if most tasks occur remotely throughout the week instead?

No matter what type of lifestyle candidates seek, having flexible solutions ready will help pave the way towards mutual success. Offer candidates hybrid solutions to split time between home and office work, add a commuting allowance to payslips or offer relocation packages for candidates who move across the country.

4. Be Transparent

When posting a job ad in Germany, it is important to list a salary range upfront. If you want the best talent on board without any misunderstandings down the road, make sure you spell out salaries clearly – preferably in Euros! This way, candidates have clear expectations about their future pay and can decide whether the position is worth pursuing.

Everyone has a different interpretation of what it takes to make ends meet when considering a good salary. StepStone, a job listing site in Germany, recently released from their 2021 salary survey that 43% reported being satisfied with an average annual gross income of 64k euros, while 41% felt underpaid despite having higher salaries than the national average (48K gross annually).

Also, with the economic uncertainty and rising inflation, be prepared – potential hires may require a higher salary than their current one to switch jobs today.

5. Do your Research

Finding and attracting top talent in Germany is no easy feat, but with proper preparation, you can give yourself an edge. When expanding into a new country, it is essential to investigate the local work culture and legislation and familiarise yourself with the market’s economic opportunities and challenges.

If your internal resources are limited, consider working with a Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) or an Employer of Record (EOR) for assistance in navigating this complex German market. EORs such as Bradford Jacobs will share their knowledge and experience of the German market and support your business by taking full responsibility for labour contracts, taxes, or payroll.

6. Utilise Talent Marketing Solutions

Employer Branding

Standing out in Germany’s crowded job market is essential for finding and attracting top talent. To ensure your organisation has what it takes to draw them in, you must boost its employer brand. This process involves promoting and showcasing what makes you unique as an employer rather than focusing on generic consumer-centric materials.

Recent research from Glassdoor has found that if employers actively manage their employer branding, 69% of candidates are likely to apply for their vacancies. It’s undeniable: having a solid reputation within the recruitment space can make all the difference when finding and attracting top talent in Germany!

Your brand image must reflect the attractive salary and benefits packages you offer, the diverse advancement opportunities your hires may enjoy, and truly showcase your business’s values and culture!

Hiring top talent will become more effortless and cost-efficient. According to research, companies with favourable reputations can expect up to twice as many applications as those who don’t enjoy such great reviews!

Talent Acquisition Marketing

Recent research from Workable states that 92% of recruiters have hired candidates through LinkedIn and 24% via Facebook – emphasising the importance of posting job-oriented content on these platforms for increased visibility. It helps companies connect with passive and active talent their brand may already engage as consumers or followers.

But a modern attraction strategy involves intelligent data analytics rather than relying on assumptions alone. Crucial factors such as the prospective hire’s culture, values, and location – not to mention which platform they’re active on – need to be considered if you wish to attract top talent!

You can develop targeted recruitment strategies by monitoring prospects on social media and understanding their interests. Viewing user behaviour patterns could help you assess what type of content resonates with top talent – allowing for more versatile approaches to reaching them!


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