Expanding across the globe comes with a great many challenges. One of those is ensuring your hiring process matches your need to engage in performance analysis as you expand to a worldwide market. So, how do you ensure any new recruits are up to scratch?

This article will explain how a professional employer organization (PEO) can work with you to put a well-designed plan into place. By the end, it should be obvious why such a service would benefit you in both the short and long terms.

1. Ensure You Leverage the Right Tools

You need to ensure you have all the best methods at your disposal to both build and manage a worldwide workforce. The following are some of the ways you can get the performance analytics you need as well as source reliable candidates moving forward.

Global Job Recruitment Agencies

By leveraging experts in hiring on a global scale, you can delay needing to upskill your own HR department in global performance analysis. A skilled job recruitment agency such as a PEO will save you money in the short term as well as ensure you get some of the best recruits on board.

Market Analysis Insights

This tool is an important step in creating benchmarks with which you can judge those you recruit. It can help you understand the standards expected in your industry, as well as work out where you might have skill gaps. If learning how to perform market analysis is outside your scope at present, it might be best to work with experts in this field to do the work for you.

2. Develop Employee Onboarding Strategies

A good onboarding process means the difference between new hires hitting the ground running and struggling. This is even more important on a global scale, as mentors may not always be at their side to help them.

Align Onboarding With Performance Metrics

Setting early performance targets ensures that you have a comparison you can make when running any analysis of your new recruits. As such, make sure you train any new hires so they can use these to track their work. You can then use the data sources from these to offer high-quality guidance and pivot training to match needs.

Foster a Culture of Open and Honest Feedback

Creating a feedback-rich business ensures people can receive honest advice on where to improve and train further. This is a two-way street, though, and as such you should welcome feedback from new hires to continue to iterate on your onboarding process.

3. Use PEOs to Assist With Performance Assessments

Performance assessments are very important in the global hiring process, though they can take a lot of time and effort. This goes double for a company that has not hit the world stage before, and you might need time to get up-to-speed.

How PEOs Can Facilitate Assessments

PEOs will have the tools and the experience to enact an assessment process that takes into account the fact new hires are from around the world. This means they can offer training and development that matches the needs of different:

  • Markets
  • Cultures
  • Backgrounds
  • Local legal requirements.

Setting Performance Standards in a Global Business

Conducting cross-border performance assessments can be difficult due to many issues such as:

  • Communications barriers
  • Time zone differences
  • Varying expectations in different regions
  • Differing compliance expectations

A PEO can handle these issues due to having already performed such steps before for other firms. They are likely to have a robust set of methods to communicate working expectations.

4. Make New Hire Analysis Simpler for Recruiters

If you streamline the process of onboarding and analyzing the performance of new hires, the task will go much faster. This will allow you to handle larger numbers of recruits in the same timeframe.

Hire Employee Acquisition Consultants

One of the best ways to speed up performance analysis is to bring on a business consultant. They should be able to either do the task for you or show you improvements you could make.

Set Clear Hiring Targets

You should also ensure all your new hires have SMART targets. These will ensure any performance review is based on measurable and reliable data. You can also learn from one review to the other much easier with a standardized methodology.

5. Continuously Track Performance

You need to perform reviews and analyses more than once. This will allow you to continue to iterate long into the future.

Perform Check-Ins to Ensure High-Quality Work

Make sure to offer feedback and advice on performance adjustments to new hires, even when in remote offices. They can then use this information to help an employee improve, and you can guide them towards new targets as they upskill.

Adapt to Performance Trends to Iteratively Improve

As you discover trends in an employee, both areas of improvement as well as notable skills, pivot your training and encouragement. You may find that a performance analysis reveals areas you should refocus on, or that may need renewed discipline from the team member.

6. Encourage Employee Self-Assessment

It’s not only you who needs to track performance. Empower them to do the same, either through visible and transparent data on work or via a gamification-based system.

Nurture a Business Growth Mindset

Empowering people to understand their own goals, how well they’re doing, and how it helps grow the business can push them to succeed. This often ends up with motivated teams who get the job done faster.

Reduce the Reliance on Cross-Border Appraisals

Instead of needing to engage in performance analysis from a central office, delegate this to a local employee. Ensure they receive training in how to do this and check in on occasion to make sure they do the job well. Though, refrain from micro-management.

Global Performance Analysis Professionals

Starting your journey toward global expansion is a huge step that starts with a robust performance analysis system. Every new hire you bring in could be a useful building block or a stumbling block, and you need to know how to mold them into a powerful team.

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