The pandemic revealed many employment solutions that weren’t making the cut. 

Work cultures all over the globe have flipped in the past couple of years. These unexpected changes have called for out-of-the-box solutions. Employees and employers alike have been on their toes. 

If you’re trying to keep up with global employment trends, there’s a good chance you’re feeling overwhelmed. It’s a lot to take in on such short notice. 

But take a deep breath. We’re here to help. Below is a guide on six global employment solutions you need to know about because they’re the solutions defining 2022. 

1. Better Employee Wellbeing

You may think you’re one of the only people suffering from extreme burnout at your job. Whether it makes you feel better or not, it’s helpful to know burnout is a global employment issue. 

Physical, mental, and emotional burnout are major issues for companies around the world. It’s difficult to manage both a personal and professional life in this day and age. 

To combat this, a mass movement of global culture training towards more supportive work environments is taking place. Employers are starting to offer opportunities for self-care. 

Physical Wellbeing

Sitting for long hours at a desk takes a major toll on a person’s physical wellbeing. Mental exhaustion from work cuts into the energy we save for physical activity. 

How have employers started promoting improved physical wellbeing?

Many employers have included gyms in their offices or have established exclusive discounts with local gyms. Other employers encourage standing desks or walking breaks. Some have even exchanged their old vending machines for healthier snack options!

Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

In addition to physical wellbeing, taking care of one’s mental and emotional wellbeing is also vital.

Some companies are pushing for mental health days, much like sick days. Numerous corporations have also made a point to encourage their employees to seek therapy.

Better mental wellbeing makes for a more efficient and positive work culture!

2. Greater Diversity

It’s no secret global employment organizations have made an effort to move towards a place of greater inclusion and diversity. 

HR teams across the globe are working together to hire and promote employees of all genders, races, and religions. What once was acceptable in many workplaces is no longer allowed … and for good reason!

A struggle many consumers have noticed in this global shift is the tendency to tokenize employees of marginalized groups. This is in contrast to genuinely appreciating their skills and experience. 

Many employers are digging past the surface of inclusion by creating and implementing diverse work cultures and diversity training. Numerous corporations have even completely reorganized their top management teams to reflect a more inclusive culture.

3. Increased Support for Remote Workers

If there’s one thing that became apparent regarding global employment during the pandemic, it’s the need for support for remote workers. Remote work is more accessible for many employees, but the appropriate support systems are necessary for overall success. 

Companies all over the globe are creating training modules and services focused on completing company tasks at home. They’re doing this by utilizing digital video streaming services and online teleconferences. 

It’s also important that companies guarantee their employees have adequate technology at home to complete their tasks. Many businesses are investing in advanced laptops and company work applications to streamline group efforts.

4. Advanced Technology and Training

Speaking of technology, it’s important not only to invest in advanced equipment for remote workers, but it’s important to also have advanced technology in the office! Plus, many companies are now realizing the importance of providing training for technology and computer applications.

Improved technology is a large initial cost for employers, but the payoff is quickly noticeable. Better technology allows employees to work more efficiently and cuts down on frustrating IT calls.

If your company is investing in new technology, guarantee a large portion of your staff is trained on how to use it and troubleshoot minor issues. Hire an IT company to keep close by in the case of a major problem.

5. Employee Skill Advancement

Very few people want to remain stagnant in their skills. Employers everywhere are finding a key part of their global culture training is promoting employee skill advancement. 

It pays for a company to invest in their employees’ skills. Whether they’re giving stipends to complete professional courses or hiring skilled trainers, employees are building stronger resumes. 

Improved employee skills also open the door for promotions, collaborations, and better business ideas. 

6. Wider Global Expansion

A major trend you’ll soon discover, if you haven’t already, is wider global employment outsourcing and expansion. Thanks to growing technology trends, it’s easy to work with others around the world. 

Global Expansion is an excellent way for companies to promote their services and products in various areas of the globe. You’ll be astounded to see how fast a company grows its numbers once they start expanding their employee pool. 

In addition to hiring around the globe, many businesses are outsourcing around the globe. They’re establishing connections with global manufacturers, IT companies, and marketing firms. 

These fresh connections usher in even fresher ideas. 

A Year of Growth: 2022 Global Employment Solutions

Even if you feel isolated in your small business, it’s important to know your connection to the global market. Use the above guide to learn about the top six 2022 global employment solutions. 

Companies all over the world are working hard to become more technologically advanced, inclusive, and resilient. This is accomplished through training and global expansion.

Are you looking to globally expand your business? Check out the rest of our site and services, including our global talent acquisition. Your business is about to reach new corners of the world.