Venturing into new experiences such as launching into a global career comes with a lot of learning and making things up as you go along. However, being a global employee doesn’t need to be so challenging, which is why we’ve come up with a few tips and tricks to get you get you started and keep you focused on your dream goals.

  1. Adaptability and openness: You must be receptive to embracing new cultures and being receptive to it’s differences from the one you grew up in. Seeking commonality in cultural difference is important to your global work, drawing you closer together with colleagues, clients, or business partners from diverse cultures, as well as more effective collaboration and teamwork.
  2. Good communication skills: Showcasing the ability to talk to a wide variety of people is an important part of being a global employee, especially if that involves knowing more than one language. If not, consider learning another language that would be useful for the country and/or work you are in.

    This is also important for ensuring effective collaboration on projects, deadlines and addressing payment issues.
  3. Understand your industry’s concerns and strengths: Know your industry and its effect on international markets well – the better you can establish your expertise and the value of your work to the industry, the better you will fare in any location. Localizing your knowledge depending on the country will help you stand out in applications. 
  4. Always be curious: This is more active than being open to differences – learning about new people, places and customs can reward you, your employer and/or your clients. Ask questions, discover the whys and their life journeys in their career. Those who open themselves up to local cultures and people are more likely to obtain good information and answers useful to their goals.
  5. Seek community between cultures: Take advantage of your connections and reach out to industry contacts to enquire about job opportunities. In every place and culture that you are exposed, establish contacts, and nurture them. You never know where they might lead!

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