With international hiring on the rise, finding a reliable Employer of Record (EOR) partner can be daunting. There’s no shortage of options, but how do you know which is best for your business? There are some essential things to look out for in an EOR.

Fortunately, with those five indicators below, you’ll find yourself at ease while navigating this rapidly growing market. From transparent pricing models to exceptional customer service, let’s delve into why these quality criteria are essential as we help you select the perfect EOR partner!

1. A mix of Intelligent Automation and Human Expertise

When considering things to look out for in an EOR, a perfect combination of automation and human expertise is important. Technology is revolutionising the way EORs attract and onboard new talent. Instead of manual processes that slow down progress, you can harness all-in-one platforms or apps to automate key steps in your global hiring journey. These systems integrate with existing HR resources and provide on-demand access for reviewing crucial data and creating reports quickly – ensuring a speedy yet cost-effective experience when assembling an elite team!

Intelligent automation is undeniably a powerhouse for managing people and processes across global markets, yet an exclusive reliance on tech can lead to painful employee experiences and potential complications. Understanding the complexities of international employment – ever-changing laws in different jurisdictions, unique local regulations etc., makes having human experts with specialised insights into compliance management, payroll administration, benefits requirements etc., invaluable for providing employees with a quality experience throughout their journey. A combination of both technology and human expertise is ideal for efficient workloads without compromising any part of the process or its outcomes!

2. Excellent Employee Experience

Employing staff abroad offers an exciting opportunity to access first-class talent and new markets. But with a comprehensive employee experience, a company will be able to use these advantages and keep hold of top talent fully. To ensure this happens, your organisation must partner with an EOR that emphasises smooth onboarding processes for international hires and will provide support and expertise throughout any questions employees may have about their employment journey (contracts, payslips, benefits, taxes, etc.).

3. Global Coverage

For businesses looking to hire talent from around the world, finding an EOR provider that can support you globally is essential. Global coverage is one of the things you should look out for in an EOR partner. A service specialising in one jurisdiction or region – like France – may not meet your global recruitment needs. Therefore it’s vital to select a provider that understands and has experience recruiting across multiple nations to ensure they have what it takes for success on an international level!

To simplify the process of global employee onboarding, many companies opt to partner with a single EOR provider that offers worldwide coverage. This makes expanding abroad in the future more flexible and manageable than assigning multiple EOR partners for different countries.

4. Value for Money

Partnering with an EOR is an excellent way for businesses to cut operational expenses and get more out of their HR team. It’s all about finding the right partner who offers fantastic value without surprise fees, so you can make sure your investments pay off!

There is a vast range of prices when it comes to EORs, from very expensive to much cheaper – but you still need to get the best value. When deciding which fits your business needs and budget most suitably, consider more than just their base price; factor in time savings, flexibility, and accuracy.

5. Agility & Proactivity

When sourcing the best EORs to support your international hiring, agility and responsiveness are key. Take a look at their reviews – what do their current clients say? A call with one of their team members can provide insight into whether they could keep up with changes in external factors and meet your onboarding schedule expectations. Ensure they have enough flexibility and expertise for your business needs and evaluate how quickly questions are answered and how smoothly and efficiently talent is brought on board – this will help narrow down which option works for you!

With the right EOR provider, you’ll make international hiring a breeze. You can trust them as true partners – not just vendors – leaving more time for strategic initiatives instead of worrying over regulatory details! It will help keep your business compliant with local labour laws and accommodate any changes that come along quickly, so there’s less for you to worry about when it comes to hiring abroad.


Maximising the perfect EOR collaboration is an endeavour no business should take lightly. Finding a reliable, knowledgeable, and compliant EOR partner can be tricky, but it’s also essential for successful international hiring processes. Is there truly one that offers everything you need? The good news: we think so!

At Bradford Jacobs, we understand the challenges of managing global teams. We offer a comprehensive EOR solution that combines cutting-edge technology with knowledgeable human expertise to deliver the best possible experience for you and your organisation. With operations in over 120 countries, our prices are clear from hidden fees – so there are no surprises! Contact us today for more information on what our expansion experts can do for you!