77% of workers are not looking to change jobs in the next 6-12 months. This sees a dramatic turnaround compared to the beginning of the year. Back then, upwards of 4 million Americans were leaving their jobs every month.

The Great Resignation coming to an end suggests a more docile job market. But that itself presents a new challenge. Instead of too many candidates leaving too many positions, the majority have settled.

When a qualified candidate comes on the job market, how can you catch their attention?

To avoid missing out on the best candidates, many are turning to recruitment outsourcing agencies. These firms specialize in finding the perfect person for each position. And they have decades of cross-industry recruitment experience behind them.

Their candidate access and analytical history give them an incredible advantage over companies’ own hiring procedures. They don’t just help you fill a role, they find the perfect person to do it. 

These are advantages you can leverage if you work with them. Here are the top 10 reasons to bring in the experts to hire for your next vacant position.

1. Efficient Hiring Process

Outsourcing recruitment to a specialist firm streamlines the whole process. They do this day-in, day-out, and know the best way.

Their talent pool is pre-existing. Rather than searching from scratch, they consult their existing up-to-date database. This makes candidate identification and invitations to interview much faster.

Their skill in inviting the best people to interview also saves time. They present clients with a handful of perfect options, rather than lots of mediocre ones.

2. Consistency and Predictability

The tried and tested methods of employee recruitment services as well as their insight on the market makes hiring more predictable. They can accurately advise you on how long each hire will take, and what type of talent the role will attract.

Employ their services across your company, whether that means multiple departments or countries. This blanket procedure makes recruitment consistent across the board. 

3. Scalable and Flexible Process

Whether you’re expanding locally or globally, you know how much recruitment needs fluctuate. Project to project, it can be a challenge to predict exactly how many employees are required.

Recruitment outsourcing takes this problem out of your hands. Their experience enables them to recommend the optimum number of employees you should recruit at any given time. And they both upscale and downscale the process as your needs change.

4. Access to Industry Analytics 

Recruitment outsourcing firms gather cross-industry data from the years they have been operational. That allows them to predict market trends.

In particular, they predict which qualifications and qualities will be needed most in the future. They then prioritize these factors in their search and recommendations.

5. Better Talent Pool

Recruitment outsourcing organizations constantly keep tabs on potential candidates. They don’t start from the ground up each time a position comes open. That means they are ready to recommend people to interview as soon as a position in your company comes up.

But it also gives them access to a more exclusive talent pool. They have the inside knowledge on who is being head-hunted and who is open to work. Working with them can get you access to these off-the-radar candidates.

6. Candidate Quality

A recent report estimated that each new hire costs a company $4,100. That covers the cost of the recruitment process and onboarding. How frustrating to invest that, only for the candidate to end up a bad fit that leaves soon after.

Therefore, it’s imperative that you find new hires who are well-suited enough to last in their role. With a recruitment agency, that is much more likely. Here are some of the ways they improve candidate quality:

  • Access to higher-quality candidates
  • Metrics that predict which candidates are suited to each role
  • Metrics that predict which candidates will last long-term

This in turn leads to lower employee turnover. When roles are filled with employees who are the right fit and appropriately qualified, they won’t be looking elsewhere.

7. Compliance

Recruitment laws and regulations vary between regions and countries. Especially for those hiring internationally, this presents a challenge.

An uninformed recruitment process exposes a company to liability. It also diminishes its chances of attracting top-quality employees. Using talent sourcing services protects employers from engaging in non-compliant global recruitment practices.

8. Relief on HR Departments

When recruiting, HR professionals have to divert their attention from their day-to-day responsibilities. Many companies take this in their stride, but it still takes its toll on the department itself. By employing a recruitment firm instead, HR is freed up to focus on internal matters.

9. Making the Best First Impression

The recruitment process is often the first impression candidates have of your company. If you make a bad impression, the best candidates may drop out early and take their skills elsewhere.

By using a streamlined service who have recruitment down to a fine art, you will keep the top talent in the race. And they’ll be motivated to fight for the position, based on their positive impression of the company.

10. More Cost-Efficient Process

Perhaps the greatest benefit is that recruitment agencies cost less in the long run! Instead of spending time and money on job adverts, employee screening, and high turnover rates, the whole process is more efficient. It costs less to bring the best talent on board, and they’ll stay for longer.

How to Choose Your Recruitment Outsourcing Partner

A recruitment outsourcing service is the best way to hire in the current market. It helps you find the right people for each role, and those who will stay long-term.

The first step is choosing the firm you’ll partner with. At Bradford Jacobs, we help everyone from small businesses to global firms fill their roles with the perfect candidates.

Talk to us today to see learn more about our services, and how we can help you achieve your goals.