Our Global Expansion

Our vision is a world of opportunities without limitations for everyone.

We are a business expansion and international employment consultancy that aims to create a long-lasting and positive influence on the global economy by changing the way companies do business. We achieve this by removing limitations for everyone who wants to grow. Our aim is simple- to deliver comprehensive employment and corporate services that allow businesses to focus on their core objectives, just as we focus on ours.

We live in a diverse world where success means different things to different people. However, all of us have one thing in common – we are people who refuse to settle for where we are at right now. The insights we provide help companies and their employees develop confidence in themselves and their projects, as well as build trust in new unconventional business solutions. Our leaders are dedicated to continually delivering on our promises to all our stakeholders, building a better working world for your and our people equally. Whatever success means to you, Bradford Jacobs are committed to helping you achieve it. We understand how interconnected the world is and that the impact of the work we do goes way beyond international employment compliance. Bradford Jacobs’ purpose serves as a guide to our rapidly growing team, providing context and deeper meaning to our everyday duties.

We support the advancement of global technological innovation by enabling IT companies to expand their international reach; fight unemployment by assisting professionals all over the world to take on jobs that normally would be unavailable to them due to limiting circumstances; connect pharmaceutical enterprises and research centres with the best talent, and by doing so, give millions access to better medical care; assist brands with employment and tax regulations to protect their integrity, reputation and workers’ rights; educational information and current updates we provide help businesses, individuals and entire communities to navigate through crisis and avoid unnecessary disruptions.

At Bradford Jacobs, we are convinced that the world of opportunities is the one where everyone – workers, SMEs, corporations, start-ups, NGOs, and freelancers – have equal access to resources necessary to achieve their goals.

Through our main service lines – Consultancy, Global Expansion, PEO, Talent Acquisition, Remote Working and Contractor Management – we enable our clients to gain access to these assets, allowing them to make the most out of their ventures.



The Idea. eCRM Euro Ltd was founded.

Our story began in Edinburgh 19 years ago by providing services for specialist IT project implementations that recruitment agencies and large consultancies were not able cover effectively. Working across such niche technologies as ERP, CRM, BI, EAM, CMS ERP, CRM, BI, EAM, and CMS allowed us to build an extensive network of top IT professionals around the world. As well as gain a deep understanding of Technology industry trends and needs.


Contractor compliance was added to the range of our services.

Euro Accountancy and Finance Services (EAFS) was born out of the need to provide compliance for international contractors while working in Europe. With the Technology sector expanding enormously, it was getting harder and harder to fill in the vacancies due to the shortage of local professionals. Meanwhile IT talent pools in Eastern Europe, Asia and South America were growing rapidly. Unfortunately, there was no possibility to bring them in on a temporary basis. EAFS opened a huge window of opportunity for Technology companies in Europe with its contractor compliance services by enabling them to access top talent worldwide


Entering EMEA market

After almost a decade of successful operations in the UK, eCRM Euro Ltd branched off into the Mediterranean after establishing Euro Consulting EMEA in Malta. However, we had expanded more than just our territory.


Formation of Euro Group

Later that year eCRM Euro Ltd, EAFS and Euro Consulting EMEA joined under one umbrella as the Euro Group. Working closely with major global system integrators and providing complete highly specialist IT project implementations and ensuring compliance for their employees across Europe.


Entered Dutch Market.

EAFS Consulting BV was opened providing Contractor and PEO Services to the Netherlands.


Entered Belgian and German markets.

Opened EAFS Consulting BVBA and EAFS Consulting GmbH.


Launched Contractor Management services.

In 2015 EAFS expanded its Contractor Compliance services into full Contractor Management, offering full-service solutions across Europe.


PEO Services were launched.

Providing in-house business expansion services in 6 European countries: Belgium, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta and Netherlands.


Euro Group was rebranded into Bradford Jacobs

Providing in-house business expansion services in 7 European countries: Belgium, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands and Spain.


Expanded our global reach to 57 countries across Europe and Asia-Pacific.


We launched 360 Business Expansion Services.

Allowing us to support our clients at every stage of their international expansion journey. Today, the full range of our Business Expansion services includes Business Consultancy, International PEO, Contractor Management and Compliance, Payroll, Immigration, Talent Acquisition and Company Formation.


Global Coverage.

Our global coverage has reached 175+ countries across North and South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Africa.


Entering into a strategic partnership with TopSource Worldwide. This partnership will provide technology, compliance, HR support and geographic footprint offering substantial benefit to our current and future clients. This is in line with the Bradford Jacobs 2022 – 2023 growth strategy to offer improved services to clients with enhanced systems, a greater team and additional global jurisdictions. Bradford Jacobs’ strategy focuses on being a holistic, end to end, full life cycle partner to its clients. Moving forward EOR and its associated business ancillary services will remain a core offering provided by Bradford Jacobs, however, the strategy makes provision for a hybrid Business to Business and Business to Consumer focused offering. This will primarily be driven by Bradford Jacobs becoming a supplier of choice in global expansion solutions and tools. Talent acquisition, creation of a Business Hub, HR, compliance, software, employee mobility, company formations, recruitment marketing and the diversification into additional digital platforms are key parts of the strategy. The delivery mechanism for the advanced services to the existing client base will be primarily built on new bespoke systems unique to Bradford Jacobs.