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About Bradford Jacobs

Bradford Jacobs, your Global Expansion Companion supporting your growth journey.

The Future of
Work is Now!

We Consult with our clients, listen to the challenges faced, work in partnership to assess the needs and advise on solutions – approaching every client with a holistic approach, where we put people first. Enabling us to provide a bespoke service tailored to your needs while remaining cost-effective and efficient.

We Consult, Implement, Attract, Engage, Onboard and Induct the best employees for your business, regardless of their geographic location. Allowing you to build world-class teams without the hassle. With our services and partners, you can recruit staff for your business based on best-in-class skills.

Employ globally or locally with our tried and proven growth solutions, tailored to meet all your business needs!


The Idea. eCRM Euro Ltd was founded.

Founded in Edinburgh 19 years ago, we filled gaps in IT project services unmet by larger firms, specialising in areas like ERP, CRM, BI, EAM, and CMS. This expertise fostered a global network of top IT professionals and in-depth knowledge of technology industry trends.


Contractor compliance was added to the range of our services.

EAFS was established to offer compliance for international contractors in Europe amid a growing tech sector and local talent shortage. Recognising expanding IT talent in Eastern Europe, Asia, and South America, EAFS's contractor compliance services allowed European tech companies to tap into global talent, addressing the hiring challenge.


Entering EMEA market & Formation of Euro Group.

After almost 10 years in the UK, eCRM Euro Ltd expanded to Malta, founding Euro Consulting EMEA. Later, eCRM Euro Ltd, EAFS, and Euro Consulting EMEA unified as the Euro Group. They collaborated with global system integrators, delivering specialised IT project implementations and ensuring employee compliance across Europe.


Launched Contractor Management services & PEO Services.

In 2015 EAFS expanded its Contractor Compliance services into full Contractor Management, offering full-service solutions across Europe. Providing in-house business expansion services in 6 European countries: Belgium, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta and Netherlands.


We launched 360 Business Expansion Services.

Euro Group rebranded as Bradford Jacobs and began offering in-house business expansion services in seven European countries. They broadened their reach to 57 countries in Europe and Asia-Pacific, supporting clients throughout their international growth. Their services encompassed Business Consultancy, International PEO, Contractor Management, Compliance, Payroll, Immigration, Talent Acquisition, and Company Formation.


Global Coverage.

Bradford Jacobs formed a strategic partnership with TopSource Worldwide to enhance technology, compliance, and HR offerings. Aligned with their 2022-2023 growth plan, they aim to be holistic client partners, diversifying into both B2B and B2C sectors. This expansion strategy prioritizes global tools, digital platforms, and unique systems, solidifying Bradford Jacobs' position in global expansion and client service.

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